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Cayman Brac

Photo of Cayman Brac

About Cayman Brac

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Situated close to Little Cayman, the dramatic Cayman Brac is a haven for divers and snorkellers, and the best places to stay in Cayman Brac are perfect for outdoors types who want to get to know this rugged island better.

Cayman Brac has beautiful reefs, but its reefs have also been deadly - this is where to come if you want to dive shipwrecks! Cayman Brac is also ideal for snorkellers, and there are many ladder entries to the ocean which take you right out to the reefs.

Cayman Brac is probably the most Cayman of all the Caymans, in that it has really got its own island culture. And this is where you'll find some of the most interesting museums, markets and walking trails.

Cayman Brac also has some impressive and atmospheric caves.

It is well off the beaten track and whilst some visitors just come for the day, it really is worth staying slightly longer!

Best Places to Stay on Cayman Brac

  • The Brac Reef Beach Resort is perfectly geared up to help you explore some of the Cayman Islands' best dive sites. The accommodation is pleasantly Caribbean, and there's plenty to do after diving - like watch a movie on the beach - one of Cayman Brac's nicest, or have supper there. There are also tennis courts.

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Best Hotels in Cayman Brac

  • Brac Reef Beach Resort 40 rooms from $339

    Cayman Islands

    A dive resort geared up for exploring some of the best Cayman dive spots. Caribbean style ocean view rooms and suites, al fresco dining, movies on the beach, spa, outdoor massages, tennis courts, and access to pure white sands. Ideal for families and those with a sporting agenda.

    Diving  -  Dive the best sites in both Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, including famous Bloody Bay Wall.
    Active Holiday  -  The resort is dedicated to diving.
    On the beach  -  Located on the South Shore of Cayman Brac with 1,000 feet of beautiful white sand beach.
    Swimming Pool  -  Outdoor pool