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Easter Island

Photo of Easter Island

About Easter Island

Best Hotels in Easter Island

  • Hare NOI 9 rooms from $307

    Easter Island

    Hare NOI is located a few miles outside of Hanga Roa. The rooms are inspired by the style of the island's first inhabitants and the on site restaurant serves up wonderful international cuisine. Unwind with a trip to the spa or book yourself a massage! Lovely accommodation in a sublime location.

    Great walks  -  Go trekking to the top of Rano Kau volcano and walk around the perimeter to enjoy the incredible views!
    Fishing  -  Try your hand at using the ancestral form of fishing that the natives have used for centuries
    Spa  -  offering a natural volcanic stone solarium
    Swimming Pool  -  Out door pool
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  • La Pérouse Rapa Nui 3 rooms from $342

    Easter Island

    This guest house enjoys a beachfront location on Easter Island less than a mile from Tahai. It offers three rooms designed in a smart, unfussy manner and each come with a private bathroom. Be sure to explore the entire island and learn all about its historic past! A simple and friendly refuge.

    Fishing  -  If you're looking to unwind then head out for a spot of fishing
    Sights nearby  -  Rapa Nui National Park is 5 miles away.
    On the beach  -  In front of the hotel.
    Views  -  Great views from hotel
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  • Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa 75 rooms from $600

    Isla de Pascua, Easter Island

    Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa, Easter Island's newest hotel, sits high up on a dramatic cliff facing the Pacific Ocean and is 5 minutes from Hanga Roa itself. It features chic and spacious rooms, two restaurants and extensive spa facilities. Forget about all your worries at this peaceful coastal spot.

    Beach Life  -  This property is just ten minutes away from the beach so you can easily wander over and spend your days lounging by the seaside
    Total relaxation  -  Sunbathe by the pool before treating yourself to a spa or massage session
    Sights nearby  -  The spectacular Tahai Ceremonial Complex archeological site is only a mile away and is a must visit!
    Great walks  -  Go for long walks along the coast to fully appreciate Easter Island's beauty
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  • Explora Rapa Nui 30 rooms from $1562

    Hanga Roa, Easter Island

    A luxury property on the most remote inhabited island in the world. Simply designed rooms lay focus on the views with large windows framing the scenery. Curated tours allow for real island exploration. On site it's pure luxury with a gorgeous pool, superb Chilean cuisine and wine list. Fabulous.

    Sights nearby  -  Explora Rapa Nui offers all-inclusive packages to explore Easter Island.
    Active Holiday  -  A secluded property offering numerous outdoor activities.
    Great walks  -  Take any number of the curated guided hikes on offer.
    Designer  -  Uniquely designed interiors.
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