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Photo of Cannes

About Cannes

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If your two great loves are glamour and sunshine there's no better place than Cannes. The city's main promenade, La Croisette, gleams gracefully under the clear skies of the Cote d'Azur, a row of beautiful boutiques, excellent restaurants and most of the best places to stay in Cannes. Behind this is more glitz and glamour, and it goes all the way to the core.

But Cannes wouldn't have attracted the money and beauty which has made it wealthy and beautiful without its glorious bay, warm sandy beaches and sunshine. So if your tastes run to glamour but not excess Cannes will allow you to pace yourself.

Of course there are plenty of beautiful harbours and beaches in the Med, but Cannes has carefully created the air of exclusivity. Without actually being exclusive. Cannes is where to come if you want to shop for couture alongside celebrities, but that's the point - you're there too. And you're very welcome!

Of course during the two weeks of the famous film festival many visitors are as wealthy and well known as you can imagine. But Cannes has managed to spread the sparkle generated by the festival around the rest of the year.

If you're here for Cannes, you're here for La Croisette and the port, with its mind-blowing super yachts. But it's also worth strolling down the western side of the Palais des Festivals into Le Vieux Port and Le Suquet, into the calm, petanque-friendly squares where the locals live.

And don't be disappointed if it seems like all the beaches are private, keep heading along the coast and you'll soon find more welcoming stretches of sand.

If you left your own super yacht at home, don't worry, you can still get out on the waters by joining one of the regular cruises up to Monte Carlo!

Best Places to Stay in Cannes

For a City Break

  • 1950s cool just a few minutes from the beach and La Croisette, Le Canberra says 'Cannes'. A cool hotel in a cool spot, Le Canberra has sea views and a vibrant bar, so you can see and be seen. It's definitely one of the best places to stay in Cannes for a short city break.

For the glamour!

  • Le Cavendish's Belle Epoque façade and open bar in the evenings hark back to a more glamourous era of bright young stars and glamour. The small size, location just a few steps from La Croisette and private beach make this a popular spot, so book ahead.

Off the beaten track Cannes

  • Les Rosées is in the hills above Cannes, a romantic, elegant, five room guest house which serves fantastic home-cooked food, but also has Michelin starred restaurants just a short walk away. Surrounded by lush gardens, this is a peaceful retreat.

For great value

  • If you're visiting the Cote d'Azur for the sunshine and the beautiful coastline, then La Jabotte, might be the understated charmer for you. An intimate nine room sanctuary around an orange scented courtyard, this is a family friendly hotel with plenty of rustic charm, and it won't break the bank.

Still not sure which to book? Browse through our list of all the best places to stay in Cannes, or contact, one of our friendly gurus for advice. Alternatively take a look at all our recommendations for the Cote d'Azur or Provence.

Best Hotels in Cannes

  • La Jabotte 9 rooms from $84

    Antibes, Côte d'Azur

    An adorable hotel with rustic charm. An intimate sanctuary with an orange scented courtyard and comfortable bedrooms in pastels and mauves. A lovely and friendly hotel suitable for families and those looking for something more understated.

    Local markets  -  Good for local colour.
    Sights nearby  -  Well located for major sights.
    Recommended by  -  Sawdays
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  • Le Canberra 35 rooms from $108

    Cannes (Cote d'Azur)

    A cool hotel in a great location. A few minutes walk from the beach and central attractions. 1950s style rooms and suites with private terraces and sea views. Swimming pool, gym and sauna. A vibrant spot in the city centre.

    Outstanding location  -  A few minutes wall from La Croisette and the beach.
    Beach Life
    Swimming Pool  -  Loveely Outdoor Pool
    Local markets  -  Good for local colour.
    Recommended by  -  I Escape
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  • Le Cavendish 35 rooms from $141

    Cannes (Cote d'Azur)

    A lovely townhouse hotel a few steps from La Croisette. Belle Epoque facade, Carrara marble floors and comfortable bedrooms, plus complimentary open bar every evening. Classic elegance and refined decoration. An intimate spot in a great location.

    Sights nearby  -  Well located for major sights.
    Recommended by  -  Sawdays
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  • Five Seas Hotel 45 rooms from $196


    Beautiful rooms, views and food in one of the most luxurious locations in the world. Metres from the beach, yet in the heart of Cannes, this hotel really does have it all. Treatments and massages in Cinq Mondes, delicious food in SeaSens, and a rooftop pool with views to stun one and all.

    Restaurant  -  2 restaurants. Sea Sens has 1 Michelin star, run by chef Arnaud Tabarec
    Views  -  Great views from hotel
    Spa  -  Spa By Cinq Mondes has 4 treatment rooms with a range of services on offer
    Sights nearby  -  Located right next to the Palais des Festivals and La Croisette
    Recommended by  -  Tablet
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  • Les Rosées 5 rooms from $230

    Cannes, Côte d'Azur

    Gorgeous French guest house in the hills above Cannes. Honeysuckle terraces, aqua marine pool, and rambling gardens. Elegant rooms in neutral tones and lots of natural light. Fantastic home-cooked food and Michelin star restaurants a short walk away. A romantic retreat away from the crowds.

    Foodies  -  Michelin two-star Le Moulin de Mougins a short walk away.
    Swimming Pool  -  Small Plunge Pool
    Local markets  -  Good for local colour.
    Sights nearby  -  Well located for major sights.
    Recommended by  -  Mr & Mrs Smith, I Escape
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