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Andaman Islands

Photo of Andaman Islands

About Andaman Islands

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A former British penal colony now famed for its white sandy beaches and world class diving. This archipelago, floating amidst the Bay of Bengal, is closer to Myanmar than India and is home to a native Negrito population that still has anthropologists baffled. Our pick of the best places to stay in the Andaman Islands is the epitome of laid back luxury, and a perfect base from which to enjoy both beach and sea.

Havelock, by far the biggest and most populated island, boasts the ‘No 7 Best Beach in Asia’ as well as the most reputable diving schools and luxurious hotels.

Attractions in The Andaman Islands:

  • A haven for divers. Spot turtles, Giant Grouper, Mobula Rays and much more. There are plenty of dive schools but Bare Foot is certainly the most reputable.
  • A former British prison, Cellular Jail National Memorial is an interesting and informative insight into the recent history of the island and its less than idyllic past.
  • Neil and Ross Islands are small enough that they can be explored by bike.

Best places to stay in the Andaman Islands

For true escapism

  • Barefoot at Havelock provides both eco luxury and excellent diving. Exactly what travellers come here for!

Browse through our list of the best places to stay in The Andaman Islands and start to plan your stay. Please feel free to contact a friendly guru for advice

Best Hotels in Andaman Islands

  • Barefoot at Havelock 19 rooms from 105

    Port Blair, Andaman Islands

    A true desert island paradise Barefoot is Robinson Crusoe chic. Boasting a mile long private stretch of one of Asia's best beaches, a resident elephant, Raja, as well as the top rated dive school on the island. Oh and 19 luxurious, eco friendly cottages and Ayurvedic spa. An escape like no other.

    Back to Nature  -  Located on one of the world's few 'undiscovered' tropical islands.
    Great walks  -  Discover the surrounding beauty on a nature trek with your guide.
    Diving  -  Providing some world class diving and the best in India.
    Barefoot Luxury  -  For total relaxation.
    Recommended by  -  I Escape