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  • Casa Lucia 5 rooms from $89

    Granada, Nicaragua (5 cuadras al oeste de la Flor Panamena)

    A boutique hideaway in central Granada where you'll find a daily yoga session included in your room rate! An intimate property with just five stylish rooms and suites, plus pretty courtyard with pool and tropical gardens. Loads to do from Volcano walks and surfing to practising your yoga moves!

    Exclusive offer  -  25% off all rooms - Autumn Special
    Yoga  -  A free yoga group session is included in the nightly rate and there is a yoga pavillion beside the pool
    Kayaking  -  On Lake Apoyo, a deep blue crater lake that maintains a year round temperature of about 30C
    House party feel  -  With just five rooms you can easily get to know your fellow guests
    Surfing  -  Learn to surf with the experts on NIcaragua's Pacific coast.

About Nicaragua

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Along one beautiful coastline of Nicaragua runs the bright blue waters of the Caribbean, and on the other the crashing waves of the Pacific. And in between are some incredible volcanic landscapes, lush, hardly-explored forests, a history which reads like a novel and includes the construction of some beautiful colonial cities and towns, and some breathtakingly underdeveloped beaches. So choosing the best places to stay in Nicaragua is really about why you want to visit this mid South American beauty.

If you’re here for the history and drama of old Nicaragua, then the best places to stay are in elegant Granada, which is one of the country’s best preserved colonial towns. Or, if you prefer your history a little more dramatic, then vibrant, working-class León might be for you, with its revolutionary murals and architectural masterpieces now housing very work-a-day stores and offices.

If you’re here to surf then the Rivas are one of the best places to stay in Nicaragua. And if you’d rather snorkel, dive or muck around with boats then the Corn Islands will inthrall you. For fishing, mangrove swamps, thick jungles and tropical ports then the Caribbean coastline is for you. And if you’re looking for those perfect sandy, sunny, surfy beaches then it’s the Pacific coast to head for, where there’s only 4WD access to some outposts. And if you’re here for the coffee and or tobacco, then the best places to stay in Nicaragua are in the Northern Highlands.

But one of the best things about Nicaragua is how underdeveloped it is. It doesn’t take long for the tourist trail to ebb away and you’re on your own, exploring the wonderfully varied interior. Nicaragua has amazing mountains and volcanoes, volcanic lakes surrounded by barely-mapped jungles hiding pre-Columbian runs and old Spanish fortresses, there are wetlands, farms, acres of empty beaches and the attitude to visitors is generally very positive. So you’re after afforded a real insight into the culture, even when you’re not expecting it.

The Best Places to Stay in Nicaragua

  • The Casa Lucia is a boutique hideaway with just five stylish rooms, a courtyard with a pool and tropical gardens. This is the perfect place to come to relax: a daily yoga class is included in the price of the room. Or if you want to explore Nicaragua’s natural assets - here you can hike volcanoes, go surfing or kayaking on nearby Lake Apoyo, a deep blue cater lake which maintains a year round temperature of 30 degrees.

Still not sure which is the best place to stay in Nicaragua for you? Browse though our list of all the best places to stay in Nicaragua, or contact one of our friendly Gurus for advice.