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About Arequipa

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  • Casa Arequipa 12 rooms from $136

    Arequipa (Vallecito)

    This hotel is situated in central Arequipa. It is decorated in a traditionally colonial style and offers colourfully decorated rooms featuring various pieces of antique furniture. Enjoy drinks on the rooftop bar or you can even reserve to have a private dinner there. An utterly charming city stay!

    City Style  -  This property is situated just half a mile from Arequipa's main square, a perfect base from which to explore the city
    Back to Nature  -  The hotel puts on tours to go visit the Colca Cannon, a breathtaking gorge more than 10,000 feet deep
    Birdwatching  -  On the Salinas Lagoon birdwatching tour you can catch great views of a variety of birds including eagles, flamingos and ducks
    Sights nearby  -  Be sure to go visit the Basilica Cathedral, Fundo el Fierro colonial house or the 500 year old Monastery of Santa Catalina
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