Trained as a Social Anthropologist and Geographer, seeing and understanding the world around us has always been uppermost in Honor's priorities. Always keen to see around the next corner, over the next hill and just along the cliff path, Honor has done a lot of solo travelling finding "It makes you talk to the person sitting next to you on the bus or at the chai stand when you get off". She has recently completed a research degree in South Asian Development at Edinburgh University and consults for an NGO working to improve women's rights in rural Himachal Pradesh. India is the focus of her travels at present but, she says, "I really want to explore Pakistan - such a stunning country and amazing history, but a little difficult at the moment!" Honor is particularly interested in good places to stay for women on their own as well as finding places which are sustainable and resonating local culture - "I cant bear cliches, the ubiquitous orchid on the pillow; its got to feel like a real place that belongs to someone!"