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Divonne les Bains

Photo of Divonne les Bains

About Divonne les Bains

Divonne-les-Bains is a spa town located very close to the French border with Switzerland - Geneva is just 20 kilometres to the south west. The best places to stay in Divonne-les-Bains are ideal for discovering this part of the Rhone Alps or for venturing further into Switzerland.

Divonne’s heritage goes back to Roman times and the fortunes of the town have been inextricably bound up with the multitude of springs that surround it. The Romans constructed an aquifer from the settlement to their garrison at Nyon some 11 kilometres distant. During the nineteenth century Divonne became a fashionable place to ‘take the waters’. The golf course was created in 1930 and was followed by the Casino, Hippodrome, open air swimming pool and the man made lac de Divonne.

The town is ever popular. This is a spectacular part of the world at the foot of the Jura mountains and with Lake Geneva next door. It is great for walking or cycling enthusiasts with plenty of trails to discover.

Divonne itself has some good restaurants and interesting shops. There is a market every Sunday. And one of the biggest draws has to be the horse racing.....if there's a meet when you're in town, don't miss it!

Our pick of the best places to stay in Divonne-les-Bains is a charming chateau hotel with glorious views.

For Chateau Style

  • Chateau de Divonne is a classic nineteenth century chateau, built on the site of the original castle of Divonne. The rooms are elegant and sophisticated. There is fine dining inside or on the terrace with its breathtaking views towards Mont Blanc.

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Best Hotels in Divonne les Bains

  • Chateau de Divonne 33 rooms from £130

    Divonne les Bains (115 Rue des Bains)

    A classic 19th century chateau nestled between Lake Geneva and the Alps. Elegant rooms with period furnishings, pretty wallpaper and rich drapes. Le Vendome serves fresh local cuisine either in the suave dining room, or on the terrace overlooking Mont Blanc. A chic and sophisticated choice.

    Country Escape  -  Located in the heart of a park, between Lake Geneva and the Jura, with breathtaking views of the Mont Blanc and the Lake.
    Great walks  -  There are several walking trails around the property. Book with the hotel.
    Swimming Pool  -  An outdoor pool for guests
    Full of character
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