10 of the Best Hotels in Andalucía's Towns and Cities

Andalucía is a region which has borne the imprint of different cultures and civilisations over the centuries and this is reflected in the diversity of its towns and cities. To visit is to marvel at Arcos de la Frontera perched high on its cliff top eyrie, Ronda split by its plunging gorge, Ecija with its fabulous baroque palaces and Cordoba where the soaring cathedral entombs the Moorish mosque – and of course the most famous, Granada, and its fairytale fortress, the Alhambra. And the accommodation offerings are just as varied when it comes to the best hotels inn Andalucía’s towns and cities.

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Which is why our Gurus have come up with their list of the best places to stay in Andalucía’s towns and cities. On their list are beautifully restored old palaces, chic town houses within close proximity of the sights and charming, rustic mansions and more.

10 of The Best Hotels in Andalucía’s Towns and Cities

The Best Hotels in Andalucía’s Towns and Cities for Location, Location, Location

La Casa Morisca

  • La Casa Morisca is just short walk from the Alhambra in Granada, and is a beautifully restored 15th Century house with a lovely inner courtyard and 14 traditional rooms.
  • Or, if you want to be in Cordoba, there’s La Hospederia de El Churrasco, which is an ornate, Spanish flavoured hotel in the old Jewish Quarter of town.

The Best Hotels in Andalucía’s Towns and Cities for Historic Pleasures

Alavera de los Banos

  • The Alavera de los Banos is a rustic charmer with stunning views, just below Ronda’s old town, close to the Arab baths,
  • or, also in Ronda, try the Hotel San Gabriel, which has been converted from a traditional Spanish 18th Century family home, right in the heart of the old town.

The Best Value Hotels in Andalucía’s Towns and Cities

Hotel Casa de Los Azulejos

  • The Hotel Casa de Los Azulejos in Cordoba has nine rooms arranged around a delightful garden courtyard full of hammocks and artwork, and a room rate which starts at around £60 per night.
  • For around the same rate you could also stay in Granada’s Hotel Santa Isabel La Real, a charming, family-run guest-house with eleven rooms, about ten minutes walk from the centre of town.  

The Best Hotels in Andalucía’s Towns and Cities to Escape to

Hotel Palacio de los Granados

  • The Hotel Palacio de los Granados in Ecija, is a simple, traditional 14 room hotel, charmingly converted from an 18th Century palace, complete with the original palace gardens and swimming pool.
  • Or escape even further to on of the eight rooms of La Casa Grande in historic Arcos de la Frontera, a majestic 18th Century mansion overlooking a beautiful valley.

The Most Romantic Hotels in Andalucía’s Towns and Cities

Palacio de la Rambla

If you haven’t found your idea of the best hotels in Andalucía’s towns and cities on our Guru’s list of 10 you could:

10 of The Best Hotels in Andalucía’s Towns and Cities

  • Alavera de los Banos Ronda 11 rooms from £74

    Hideaway  -  Peaceful and romantic escape with views of the Mediaeval town and mountains from the pool and gardens.
    Sights nearby  -  Just across the road from the former Moorish Baths, a fine example of 13th century Islamic architecture.
    Great walks  -  The hotel is located in Ronda’s former Jewish Quarter, wander the narrow streets and explore.
    Birdwatching  -  Serranía de Ronda is excellent for birdwatching, bring your binoculars.
    Recommended by  -  Fodors

    Stunning views, intimate interiors, and a calm ambience just below Ronda old town. Vibrant decor and rustic character in true Spanish style. Small library, lovely garden, and pool with wonderful views. Indulgent breakfasts. Ideal for completely unwinding. See More

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  • Hotel Palacio de los Granados Ecija 14 rooms from £76

    Romantic Break  -  Sultry suites feature baroque décor and hand-crafted stone arches, while the courtyard offers romantic setting for a drink.
    Sights nearby  -  Visit the historic city of Córdoba, an important Roman city and an Islamic cultural center in the Middle Ages.
    Romantic  -  Good for couples.
    Swimming Pool  -  Indoor/outdoor

    18th century palace with traditional rooms and suites filled with paintings, antiques and heavy curtains. A pretty pool and central courtyard with seating area. Excellent local cuisine served in elegant surrounds. Ideal for completely unwinding. See More

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  • La Casa Grande Arcos de la Frontera 7 rooms from £63

    Value chic  -  Elegant Spanish style in this 18th-centruy hilltop home with astonishing views over Andalucia- at very reasonable rates
    Writing a novel  -  Instilled with a haunting beauty, Acros has been an inspiration to poets for years.
    Great walks  -  Wander the picturesque alleyways of Acros as they wind their way down the hillside.
    Sights nearby  -  Check out the castle, Santa Maria and San Pedro.
    Recommended by  -  I Escape, Sawdays

    Delightful and majestic 18th century mansion, overlooking the valley in this historic hilltop village. Eclectic, bohemian interiors give the spacious rooms plenty of character. The hotel opens out around the central, colonnaded, plant-filled patio. Enjoy the views from the rooftop terrace. See More

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  • Hotel San Gabriel Ronda 22 rooms from £57

    Value chic  -  A quaint 18th century townhouse, with stylish interiors, warm welcoming atmosphere and buckets of charm- at a reasonable price.
    Local exploring  -  Nestled in the heart of medieval Ronda, the perfect base for exploring the streets and absorbing the culture.
    Sights nearby  -  Walk across Ronda's famous gorge and visit Spain's oldest bullring and the attached museum.
    Full of character
    Recommended by  -  I Escape

    Characterful 18th-century family home hotel in the heart of old Ronda. Traditionally decorated rooms in classic Spanish style, full of art and antiques. Small private cinema adds sparkle. The breakfasts are excellent. Ideal for an authentic stay. See More

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  • La Casa Morisca Granada 14 rooms from £81

    Total relaxation  -  This charming hotel pulls its guests back time and time again with its laid back atmosphere and stylish Morocan interiors.
    Local exploring  -  Situated in the heart of Granada with sunning views of Alhambra, wander the streets and discover hidden treasures.
    Great walks  -  Explore the narrow streets of the old town, taking in the Christian churches, Moorish architecture and Moroccan gift shops.
    Sights nearby  -  Visit the historic and unique Muslim medieval palace Alhambra and The Cathedral of Granada, both minutes away.
    Recommended by  -  I Escape

    Beautifully restored 15th-century house in prime location a short walk from the Alhambra. Centred around a stunning galleried inner courtyard. Traditional white washed rooms with local artefacts. Brightly tiled spacious bathrooms. Ideal for local exploring. See More

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  • Hotel Casa de Los Azulejos Cordoba, Andalucia 9 rooms from £77

    Value chic  -  Totally affordable homely colonial style hotel, with bright interiors and a leafy garden patio with hammock for relaxing.
    Sights nearby  -  Just 50 m from Corredera Square and a ten minute walk from the Mezquita.
    Great walks  -  Explore the stunning orange scented Jewish Quarter.
    Full of character
    Recommended by  -  Fodors

    Laidback, colonial style house hotel with splashes of vibrant colours. Delightful, planted garden courtyard with hammocks and full of artwork. Individually styled light rooms with great views. Indulgent buffet style breakfasts. Ideally situated to explore the historic town. See More

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  • Hotel Santa Isabel La Real Granada 11 rooms from £111

    Romantic Break  -  Lovingly decorated rooms, some facing the spectacular Alhambra vista, plus an inner patio with tinkling fountain.
    Local exploring  -  Ideally located at the heart of Granada's old town, perfect for exploring these romantic lanes and alleyways.
    Sights nearby  -  Visit the spectacular Muslim palace Alhambra, Spain's largest surviving piece of Moorish architecture.
    Great walks  -  Stroll around the narrow alleyways of Albaicín, one of Europe's most beautiful medieval quarters.
    Recommended by  -  I Escape, Sawdays

    Charming family-run guesthouse with views in a picturesque setting. Bright, pretty, simply furnished rooms overlook an inner courtyard. Stunning views over the white washed old town. A quaint breakfast room with an excellent buffet. Ideally positioned to explore the town. See More

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  • La Hospederia de El Churrasco Cordoba, Andalucia 9 rooms from £108

    Local exploring  -  Well situated in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of old Córdoba, and right next to the Jewish quarter of La Judería.
    Sights nearby  -  Within walking distance of La Mezquita and 14th-century palace Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos.
    Great walks  -  Explore the narrow alleyways of the Jewish Quarter.
    Full of character

    A traditional hotel in the narrow alleyways of the old quarter of Córdoba. Sumptuously decorated rooms with Cordoban antiques, Moorish influence and Roman mosaics. There is a charming courtyard, wine cellar and a locally renowned restaurant. Ideally positioned for exploring the historic town. See More

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  • Palacio de la Rambla Ubeda 8 rooms from £115

    Romantic Break  -  Renaissance style palace with beautiful courtyard garden and charming antique filled suites ideal for a romantic break.
    Great walks  -  Wander the UNESCO World Heritage Site of central Úbeda, filled with historic buildings and churches.
    Sights nearby  -  Visit the Plaza de Molina Square, a typical example of Renaissance architecture.
    Full of character

    Well-preserved 16th-century palace, now a wonderfully aristocratic maison d'hote. Secluded setting, centred on a cloistered courtyard, furnished with family antiques. Large baronial bedrooms with tasteful decor such as draped fourposter beds and fine wooden wardrobes. An enchanting couples retreat. See More

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Written by Tristam Templer

posted Monday, 22nd July 2019