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My Hotel Bugbears - Bath & Shower controls. Fiona Duncan


Complex bath and shower controls in hotel bathrooms have long been a bugbear of mine. Sudden bursts of ice cold, or scalding hot water, taps that won’t turn on, taps that won’t turn off, taps you can’t reach, controls that don’t make sense… they’ve all been problems – for you as well as me, I’m sure.

As for Jacuzzi baths, they terrify me… I once turned a bathroom in Capri into a sea of foam thanks to a Jacuzzi I couldn’t turn off. But things are looking up… controls are much simpler and more sensible and if they could all be as good as the oh-so-easy push button controls I encountered recently at the new Forest Side hotel in Cumbria, we would never have a nasty shock again.


Written by Fiona Duncan

posted Saturday, 25th June 2016
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