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Ten reasons Why I Love ...Finca Cortesin, Andalucia, Spain

Ten Reasons Why I Love…. Finca Cortesin, Andalucia, Spain

1. Its space and grace, in the style of a 17th convent; grand and beautiful it is, pompous and posh it isn’t.

2. The convenient location, just 25 minutes from Gibraltar airport, with its own beach club, four huge swimming pools and top flight golf course…

3. ….yet with the effortless feel of a real home.

4. Swimming in the Olympic pool set in fragrant gardens; or the other garden pool, hardly smaller. Both are lined with emerald tiles to look like natural water.

5. The scents – patchouli, lavender, jasmine – that perfume the air as you wander through lofty halls and jungly courtyards.

6. The way the hotel’s two superb restaurants, El Jardín and Kabuki Raw, feel part of the house, their names writ small.

7. The antique furniture and Portuguese tiles, monastery doors for the bedrooms, stone flags from a castle… you’d never guess that this place was only a few years old.

8. The staff…just right.

9. The divine breakfast, an individual buffet brought to each table.

10. The spa: its therapists, the beautiful pool…even the ice cave (well maybe not the ice cave).

Doubles from £350.


Written by Fiona Duncan

posted Sunday, 19th June 2016
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