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Ten reasons Why I Love ....Pestana Palace, Lisbon

Ten Reason Why I Love… Pestana Palace, Lisbon

1. The bust of the Marquis de Valle Flôre…a kindly, avuncular man whose spirit lives on in his exquisite, harmonious fin-de-siècle palace…

2. …..inlaid with gilt, stucco and trompe-l’oeil and beautifully furnished with European antiques.

3. The series of ravishing reception rooms that lead to a balcony overlooking the family chapel…. just the place for a wedding in lovely Lisbon.

4. Authentic touches in this National Monument-turned- hotel: the city’s first lift; the original kitchens; the family portraits.

5. The corridors… at double height, the height of luxury.

6. The simple gauze curtains employed thoughout by the interior designers (the palace opened as a hotel in 2001) that set off rather than compete with the beauty and intricacy of the decoration.

7. The four magnificent suites in the palace itself with private balcony (from £1,150)…

8. …or, failing them, a Garden View room in the modern wing (from £180): you still have the run of the palace.

9. The lush gardens with its hidden lake-turned-swimming pool.

10. The sheer treat of staying somewhere quite so beautiful, authentic and mercifully unspoilt.

Doubles from £158.


Written by Fiona Duncan

posted Sunday, 15th May 2016
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