“The last word in mud hut chic ”

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“The last word in mud hut chic ”

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“Designed by famed architect Charles Boccara, Caravanserai is the epitome of mud hut chic. Bohemian and luxurious, there are 16 Berber style rooms, either with a terrace or bit of garden, and two suites with their own private plunge pools. The vibe is laidback and easy. Tortoises munch in the garden, the pool is pretty and food is healthy and hearty.”


Written by Daisy Finer

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“Evoking the ancient stopping places of the travelling merchants, the CaravanSerai is symbolic of the other face of Morocco. Conceived as a 'Dar' or traditional arab dwelling, the interior courtyards and secret corners are inspired by the traditional Berber villages. From twisting staircases to passageways, from corridors to private terraces, from bedrooms to living rooms, with every step you discover new perspectives and a light that changes with the whim of the sun. The folds of white fabric draped over terraces, the garden shaded by Jacaranda trees and the light effects created by the vaulted rooms of the hammam stimulate the senses but also incite a feeling of calm. In luxurious simplicity, the 17 bedrooms and suites, all different, are located around the central pool. At nightfall, a multitude of traditional lanterns light up the space and invite you to prolong this oriental dream with a delicious meal in the restaurant 'La Route des Epices'.”