Hotel Guru Testimonials

I am so happy to have found your website! I appreciate your time and help!!
Darcy Hunt

You genuinely went above and beyond, we had the trip of a lifetime and I am finally in my wife's good books (for now)
Paul Mitchell

The Ship Inn Thank you very much for organising the Ship Inn for us, - Elie the Scottish , South of France!
Jean Gore

I always look forward to Everything I receive from The Hotel Guru. Keep up the extraordinary burrowing.
Christine Voss

The Hotel Guru is pretty upscale but fun to look at.
Marcie Ellers

What a brilliant website. I shall speak of it far & wide !
David Campbell

Villa 55 Sarah and I had a wonderful and comfortable stay at Villa 55, thanks to The Hotel guru recommendation.
Jeremy Bagge

We are so impressed with your recommendations. Often modest in size, not too glitzy, pleasant, an oasis of peace and repose, bravo!
Joel Frantzman

Love The Hotel Guru !
Jackie Maillard

I think your website is very good !

You have surpassed yourself this week with your choice of places to go on imaginary holidays while I sip my Friday gin!
Jane Hutchison

Congratulations - your website is looking brilliant.
Libbla Kelly

I love your site btw!
Alex Slater

I've been telling everyone I know about The Hotel Guru, and I will certainly consult you again
Jane Elvy

La Bastide de Boulbon Annie and I are lounging by the pool in this very pleasant spot thanks entirely to The Hotel Guru
Alex Lyell

THANK YOU! I will use your site again simply because you have made this such a great experience!
Carol Stoops

Every single one of your suggestions was brilliant! Spot on elegance, charm and taste.
Alexandra Diagne

Do you just do it for the love? Great service :)

I congratulate you on your site which has been very user friendly, efficient and with a good range of quality options.
Sarah Craig

The Hotel Guru is my “go to” site for hotel recommendations
Rebecca Terrazas

We shall be using you any time we need a hotel in the future and will be recommending you to our friends.
Claire Brown

The Hotel Guru is not only useful ... Well done ... tried with destinations I know and the site always offers a good selection ... will use it from now on!!!
Gregor Stemmie

I booked three weeks of hotels, mostly using your site in conjunction with the red Michelin guide. I have already recommended your site to at least five people!
Susan Schaps

Castleman Hotel Well done with your recommendation, it could not have been better
James King

I'll happily use The Hotel Guru as a first port of call when travelling anywhere now
Bee Rowan