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Bella Coola

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  • Tweedsmuir Park Lodge 11 rooms from $191

    Bella Coola

    A rustic chic lodge retreat on 60 acres of wilderness in Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park. Enjoy all authenticity of a log cabin, with a twist of luxury. The onsite restaurant serves delicious food in an elegant dining room. The views and grounds are breathtaking, with plenty of bears to be seen!

    Great walks  -  Enjoy hiking the old growth, scenic trails, both around the lodge property and at other points in the Valley.
    Back to Nature  -  This lodge is set on 60 acres of wilderness in the Bella Coola Valley, surrounded by the Coast Mountains
    Fishing  -  The Bella Coola Valley is a remarkable location for any fisherman.
    Barefoot Luxury  -  For total relaxation.
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