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About Wuppertal

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  • Park Villa 30 rooms from £105

    Wuppertal (Erich-Hoepner-Ring 5)

    A historical villa beautifully renovated with elegant, chic rooms. An on-site restaurant serves local dishes whilst there is a spa and a fitness centre for guests to make the most of. Ideal for business or leisure travellers.

    Weddings  -  Ideal for weddings or any private celebrations. Arrangements for larger events with close by restaurants and villas
    Business meetings  -  Offers space for seminars and meetings for upto 16 people. Come, work here in a relaxed atmosphere
    Local exploring  -  Located at the hills south of Wuppertal, the hotel has direct proximity to the motorways
    Sights nearby  -  Close by to the Sculpture Park
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