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Photo of Kea

About Kea

Kea belongs to the Cyclades group, but it’s really close to Attica on the mainland, and looks and feels entirely different to the rest of the group. The landscape varies from a spectacularly craggy coastline, to expanses of dryness, then fertile hills and verdant valleys of orchards and olive groves. The architecture is earthier, and less stark than the rest of the group, more in harmony with the landscape, and there’s a picturesque capital and some lovely seaside towns. The reason you might not have heard of this peaceful isle with its crystal clear waters and rich history, is that it’s a really popular place for Athenians to have a summer villa, and they book it all up quick smart.

Travel Information

  • The only way to reach Kea is by ferry from the port of Lavrion, a small town on the southern side of Attica. The easiest way to get to Lavrion is from the ferry port close to Athens airport.
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  • Summers on Kea are warm and sunny, with temperatures within the 25 - 30°C range. Kea stays relatively pleasant in winter as well. Whenever you’re visiting it’s a good idea to pack another layer if you’re walking in the cool, green mountains, the temperature difference might surprise you.

Still not sure which is the best place to stay on Kea for you?

Best Hotels in Kea

  • Kea Villas 24 rooms from £55


    The Cyclades are famed for fabulous panoramas and technicolour sunsets, and as rooms with views go Kea Villas can give most of the competition a run for its money.

    Sailing  -  Great stopping point for sailing trips around the Greek Islands.
    Local markets  -  Explore the local markets of Ioulida.
    Fishing  -  Enjoy a fishing trip out from Kea.
    Full of character
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  • Keos Katoikies 15 rooms from £82


    Keos Katoikies is well-named. 'Katoikies' means 'sunset', and watching the sun go down over Korissia's harbour from the hotel's café-terrace becomes an evening ritual for most guests here.

    Great walks  -  Beautiful walks along the surrounding Kea coastline.
    Local markets  -  Explore the local markets of Korissia.
    Seaside  -  Ideal for a seaside holiday.
    Full of character
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  • Red Tractor Farm 8 rooms from £65


    Tranquillity is the name of the game at Red Tractor Farm, a collection of miniature bungalows set amid olive trees on the edge of Korassia, Kea's small ferry port.

    Shops  -  Red Tractor shop (onsite) sells the farm's own acorn cookies, acorn oil, organic wine and other local products.
    Great walks  -  Beautiful walking trails around the coastline surrouding Korissia.
    Sailing  -  Perfect stopping point for sailing trip around the Aegean Sea.
    Local markets  -  Navigate through the bustling market of Korissia.
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  • Porto Kea Suites 35 rooms from £102

    Kea, Kea

    Porto Kea Suites is the island's only full-on international-standard resort hotel, but this complex of rooms and suites next to the beach doesn't rest on its laurels.

    Fishing  -  Take a sea fishing trip from the town of Korissia.
    Seaside  -  Ideal for a seaside holiday.
    On the beach  -  In front of the hotel.
    Swimming Pool  -  Indoor/outdoor
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