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About Coimbra

Best Hotels in Coimbra

  • Sapienta Boutique Hotel 22 rooms from $98


    Elegant and chic would be the best way to describe Sapienta Boutique Hotel. Nestled into the centre of Coimbra, the hotel features sleek rooms, a superb restaurant and stunning views out over the city. A great launchpad for exploring this UNESCO World Heritage City.

    Sights nearby  -  Walk to nearby sights such as Coimbra Old Cathedral, University of Coimbra and S. Sebastião Aqueduct.
    Local markets  -  Browse the bustling markets of Coimbra.
    Designer  -  Uniquely designed interiors.
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  • Quinta Das Lagrimas 39 rooms from $163

    Coimbra (Gonçalves)

    Set in an historic palace in the outskirts of Coimbra, Quinta das Lagrimas boasts traditionally elegant accommodation with lovely luscious gardens. Choose from two top-notch restaurants and unwind in their spa for utter relaxation! A wonderful 5* in a splendid location - it's bound to impress.

    Great walks  -  Wander around the botanical gardens or spend your days exploring Coimbra on foot
    Romantic  -  Good for couples.
    Full of character
    Recommended by  -  Small Luxury Hotels, Tablet
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