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About Londonderry

Best Hotels in Londonderry

  • Bishop's Gate Hotel 28 rooms from £100


    Within the city walls of Derry, the Bishop's Gate Hotel oozes class and sophistication. It features sleek rooms, an atmospheric bar and an excellent restaurant. It's central location makes it ideal for exploring the Walled City's fascinating history and culture.

    Sights nearby  -  History enthusiasts will enjoy a trip into the Bogside and to the famous Free Derry corner.
    Great walks  -  Go for a walk along the city's famous medieval walls.
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  • Shipquay Hotel 21 rooms from £95


    Right in the heart of historic Derry, the Shipquay Hotel is an excellent place to stay. Featuring plush rooms, a fine restaurant and spa facilities, it's a great base for a weekend of exploring the fascinating Walled City.

    Sights nearby  -  A short walk from The Millennium Forum and the Guildhall.
    Great walks  -  Go for a walk along Derry's historic city walls.
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