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Best hotels with hot tubs in Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the UK's top destination especially during the busy summer months. It appeals to families and couples alike and there is plenty of accommodation catering for both sections of the public. Our collection of hotels with hot tubs in Cornwall offers something for an adults only, grown up escape, but equally we can recommend great options where children are positively encouraged.

Fowey Hall

  • Like Fowey Hall.....A hot tub with a view is the ideal scenario here.....sit back in the bubbles (perhaps with a glass of bubbles) and take in the wonderous coastline and sea views. The perfet relaxation when you know the litle ones are being cared for in the Kids' Club
  • Or Bedruthan Hotel & Spa, where the hot tub is part of the Sensory Spa Garden experience. Again you can pamper yourself whilst the kids are being entertained elsewhere!

The Scarlet

Unfortunately none of our selected hotels can offer private hot tubs,

  • but at The Scarlet you can reserve your slot and have a romantic moment on the cliff top in your log fired tub, whilst enjoying the stunning views.
  • At St Moritz the hot tub is part of the spa facilities - there's a jacuzzi for up to five beside the indoor pool.

Our pick of the best hotels with hot tubs in Cornwall follows, but the order bears no reflection on our preference! To check a hotel's availability click the "check prices" button beside the property. For a wider selection of hotels with hot tubs, take a look at our Ultimate Guide or else check out our pick of hotels with hot tubs in the West Country.


Written by Sarah Empson

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