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Yes, you guessed it, Spa, with its warm natural springs, clean air and beautiful location, was the very first spa! The rejuvenating properties of its waters have been raved about since Henry VII of England came here to relax after a 16th Century military campaign. Many of the best places to stay in Spa are just outside the town with private access to the waters, but also access to the region’s peace and natural beauty.

During the 18th Century Spa was the height of fashion, favoured by royalty and celebrity, and it still has some of the glamour.

Visit the casino, which claims to be the world’s first, the Sunday morning flea markets in the picturesque Parc de Sept Heures, the local museum and bottled water factory. Round about there are a number of lovely towns, abbeys and the forest of the Ardennes.

What not to miss

  • Motor racing fanatics come to Spa in their thousands for the racing here.
  • Make the most of the mixed landscape of forest and hills in the area, every walkers paradise!
  • Enjoy some of the natural spa area dotted around the town.

Just remember that if you plan to visit for the Grand Prix, the best places to stay in Spa will be extremely busy - so get organised and book well ahead.

The best places to stay in Spa

For relaxation

  • Right on the edge of the Ardennes forest, the Manoir de Lebioles is a sumptuous spa getaway. Rooms and suites have open fireplaces, four-poster beds and roll-top baths and there’s a world class gym and spa plus a gourmet restaurant.

For an apartment

  • If you think that you'd prefer self catering accommodation, we recommend you check out the wide selection with our online partner

Travel Information

  • The closest international airport is Brussels, where you can connect to spa on a 2-hour train or 90 minutes by car.
  • Many people fo to Spa for the formula one weekend, if this is you then book ahead. Otherwise, the best times of year to visit are during the summer months between May and September.
  • If you wish to hire a car, we recommend you visit our partner Rentalcars.

Still not sure?

Best Hotels in Spa

  • Manoir de Lebioles 16 rooms from £175


    Nestling on the edge of the Ardennes forest, this property provides the ultimate spa getaway. Sumptuous rooms and suites include open fireplaces & four poster beds, trumped only by their luxurious bathrooms with rolltop baths. There's a world class spa & gym, plus a gourmet restaurant.

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