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  • Pousada Rio Mutum Barao de Melgaco, Mato Grosso 22 rooms

    This charming eco-lodge is located in Barão de Melgaço, a region in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso. Rooms are simple and elegant, with traditional, tiled floors and exposed beams; book a luxury room for a four-poster bed. Unwind by the pool after a day on a jungle excursion; a unique retreat to nature.

    Families  -  With accommodation options available for children, this hotel is great for families; kids love the outdoor pool
    Active Holiday  -  With jungle excursions and safari tours available, this hotel is a good choice for active holidaymakers
    Local exploring  -  With a privileged location in the Pantanal, this hotel makes a great base for local exploring
    Birdwatching  -  Marvel at the rich biodiversity of the Pantanal with a morning birdwatching session; hotel guides can advise on observation
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  • Araras Eco Lodge Carvoalzinho, Mato Grosso 19 rooms from £555

    This charming eco-lodge is located in Pantanal, Brazil. Rooms are simply dressed with traditional tiled floors and locally sourced furnishings; the family suites are great for parents travelling with children. Sample regional cuisine at the restaurant after a day excursion; a warm, inviting hotel.

    Active Holiday  -  Packages at the hotel include daily excursions like hiking, cycling and horseriding, great for active holidaygoers
    Families  -  With larger rooms and family-friendly activities available, this is a great option for travelling with children
    Back to Nature  -  Set in a breathtaking natural setting, this hotel make a unique retreat from the city
    Birdwatching  -  Enjoy a peaceful morning birdwatching from the privileged vantage point of the hotel's observation tower
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  • Cristalino Lodge Mato Grosso 20 rooms from £1053

    This charming eco-lodge is nestled in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Rooms boast comfortable beds and local artisanal pieces; book a special bungalow for an outdoor bathtub in a private garden and verandah with a hammock. Dine with forest views after a nature trail; a unique hotel.

    Active Holiday  -  Package holidays to this lodge include daily excursions like hiking and boat trips, great for active holidaymakers
    Families  -  With daily activities in the rainforest, this lodge makes a great family holiday for parents with older children
    Eco break  -  This unique eco lodge is located in the heart of the Amazon, allowing guests a breathtaking proximity to nature
    Birdwatching  -  Observe the fascinating array of birds in the rainforest from the privileged vantage point of the lodge watchtower
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