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By a harbour walled by white cliffs stands Dieppe, a fishing town and historic seaside resort in Normandy. Her name reflects the depths of the waters surrounding her and she has been a seafaring town for all of her history, whether it was her fishermen who sailed as far as Newfoundland or her corsairs who attacked English ships during the 18th century. Her marina bustles with life, from restaurants and gelato shops to chic cafes and trendy bars; since the 19th century, during the Belle Epoque she became a magnet for British bohemians and the well-to-do of French high society, quickly becoming France's first ever seaside resort with her very own purpose-built Etablissement des Bains (sea-bathing establishment) in 1822. A place of colour and fresh fish that's simply swimming with history, our collection of the best places to stay in Dieppe will give you an unforgettable stay.

There is much to see in Dieppe. Between 8-16 September is the Dieppe Kite Festival, the largest event of its kind in the world, attracting over 500,000 visitors and 1000 professionals with colourful kites both big and small, forming manic paintings in the sky.

The Port itself teems with fishing trawlers and yachts - a great source of inspiration for the painters that flock to the town every year - and the restaurants that line the marina waft the smells of fresh salty fish to the eager noses of tourists and locals alike. Dieppe is steeped in history, lined with great Gothic churches like Saint-Jacques Church - a grand medieval pilgrimage church. Her Chateau, which stands on an amazing position atop the westernmost cliffs looming stark over Dieppe, now houses breathtaking exhibitions of artworks and objets d'art that tell the story of her past, like great ivory carvings and Impressionist paintings of the harbour in centuries gone by.

What Not to miss

  • Museums: the Cite de la Mer Museum is a great day out for the kids because of its extensive collection of marine aquariums. It also shows the evolution of shipbuilding and the history of fishing in Dieppe herself, giving you a full picture of the town's past. The 15th century Chateau, standing tall on the white cliffs, boasts an impressive collection of art and ivory carvings as well as having wonderful views of the town and sea.
  • The harbour: filled with restaurants serving freshly-caught fish and lovely little cafes, it is a great place to sit and do some primetime people-watching, especially of the dozens of artists painting scenes of the fishing trawlers and colourful boats in the port.
  • Historical sites: Saint Jacques Church was a medieval pilgrimage site dedicated to Saint James of Compostela. It has many striking Gothic features like its beautiful rose windows and 130ft 15th century tower. The Dieppe Memorial, dedicated to the British-Canadian raid on the German-occupied harbour in 1942, is a site worth seeing too.

Dieppe is a remarkable fishing town and seaside resort, with wide pebbled beaches and saint-white sea cliffs, colourful fishing boats in a marina that has inspired painters for a great many years and beautiful Gothic churches and striking medieval fortresses. Over the years it has turned into a popular seaside town, known for its relaxed and amiable atmosphere and the best places to stay in Dieppe prize relaxation and charm above all else.

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  • The nearest major airport from Dieppe is Beauvais-Tille Airport, which is 101km away.
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  • The best time to go is during the summer months, when the temperature ranges between 12 and 18 degrees.

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