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About Krun

Surrounded by the breathtaking views of the Bavarian Alps, dotted with grand farmhouses and Baroque, onion-domed churches, Krun is a wonderful place to escape to, where Bavarian culture feels current and nature is at its alpine best. The best places to stay in Krun enable you to make the most of this most glorious part of Germany from getting to know the great outdoors to luxuriating in pampering spas. It is a great destination year round whether you prefer your countryside snow clad or with flower filled pastures.

  • Das Kranzbach Hotel & Wellness Retreat is a charming country house in the foothills of the bavarian Alps with unbeatable views and a top-notch spa. This retreat aims to rejuvenate you, with the help of its gourmet restaurant, extensive wine cellar, impressive spa menu, saunas and steam baths, and of course, the mountain air.

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Best Hotels in Krun

  • Das Kranzbach Hotel & Wellness Retreat 131 rooms from £167


    A stunning country house at the foot of the Bavarian Alps. Top notch spa dedicated to complete rejuvenation, gourmet restaurant serving outstanding local produce, large wine cellar, and eclectic modern Bavarian interior design throughout luxurious rooms. Ideal for spa breaks and foodies.

    Spa  -  Five pools, half a dozen saunas and steam baths, and special spa treatments.
    Foodies  -  Fabulous cuisine, complex menus, and the freshest of local produce.
    Hills & mountains  -  On the edge of the Bavarian Alps, just an hour outside Munich.
    Spa breaks  -  The hotel is dedicated to wellness and fresh mountain air.
    Recommended by  -  Tablet
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