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Conca dei Marini

Photo of Conca dei Marini

About Conca dei Marini

Between Praiano and Amalfi, Conca dei Marini hugs its little rocky inlet like a secret. Originally a fishing village - today it has only a few hundred inhabitants - its hidden location and charming houses built into the cliffs in seemingly impossible situations, turned it into an exclusive place to stay in post-war years. Today, the best places to stay in Conca dei Marini still have a whiff of exclusivity about them.

The attractions of the village are its tiny harbour and seafront, its extraordinary cliff-hugging houses, its crystal-clear waters and its food. International jet-setters who fell for its charms included Jackie Kennedy, Sophia Loren and Aristotle Onassis

One of the most impressive sights is the nearby grotto dello Smeraldo, a natural feature formed in the limestone cliffs. Essentially it’s a flooded cavern in which sunlight turns the water an iridescent shade of green while all around are weird and wonderfully shaped stalactites and stalagmites.

Buildings worth seeking out, that are tucked amongst the village’s houses and restaurants, are the church of St John the Baptist, whose spire is covered in majolica tiling, the church of San Pancrazio, a medieval martyr, and the 17th-century Conservatory of Santa Rosa of Lima, a former Dominican monastery and now a hotel..

Conca dei Marini is famous for a number of dishes including tuna (caught locally in season) and zuppa di pesce. The latter is flavoured with the locally grown pomodorini a piennolo, cylindrical-shaped cherry tomatoes which are dried in the dark and allowed to infuse the iodine-rich sea air. And everyone falls in love with the village’s sfogliatella Santa Rosa, a gorgeous pastry invented by the Dominican nuns of the Conservatory of Santa Rosa da Lima. The resourceful nuns added sugar, milk, dried fruit, semolina and glacé cherries to left-over bread dough to make this irresistible treat. Choose one of the best places to stay in Conca dei Marini and you can find out for yourself!

For the view

  • The Belvedere may look dull from its roadside location but, once inside, you step into a different world. With peerless views over the Amalfi coast, steps leading to a private beach, bedrooms of old-fashioned Italian charm and a dining terrace made for lingering, sunset meals, it will seduce you. Family-owned and with a pool, too.

For unbridled luxury

  • For sheer, unadulterated luxury, combined with superb, understated style and impeccable service, you cannot fault Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa. The former convent - in a peerless clifftop position - has been converted into just 20 bedrooms, each with stunning views. With a top-notch spa, this is a place for romance, relaxation and serious pampering.

For a holiday villa or apartment

  • If you're looking for a bit more flexibility, and privacy for that matter, sometimes the best option is to book a villa or apartment. We recommend you search for a wide range of properties with our online partner, booking.com.

    Still not sure? Browse our list of the best places to stay in Conca dei Marini, expand your search to include all our Amalfi Coast recommendations, or contact a friendly guru for advice.

    Best Hotels in Conca dei Marini

    • Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa 20 rooms from $428

      Conca dei Marini

      A monastery renovated with romance and elegance. Its celestial views from its perch on a cliff top are to die for. The hotel captures the essence of la dolce vita with its location, understated but immaculate style, and its incredible spa facilities. A romantic destination.

      Views  -  Great views from hotel
      Outstanding location
      Total relaxation
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    • The Belvedere 30 rooms from $149

      Conca dei Marini

      Outwardly unassuming, this cliff top hotel will surprise with its magnificent views over the Amalfi coast, secluded private beach down steep steps, and old fashioned charm. A holiday destination for serious lazing in the sun in spectacular surroundings.

      Views  -  Spectacular views out to see and down the Amalfi coast.
      Coastal  -  Set on a cliff top.
      Total relaxation
      Swimming Pool  -  Seawater Pool
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