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Photo of Arequipa

About Arequipa

Located just below the Aguada Blancas national park in South West Peru, Arequipa was a former capital city but is now a relatively hidden gem. Surrounded by volcanoes, the city sits majestically beside the Socobaya river with spectacular architecture, a historic city centre and a breath-taking Cathedral. Despite the amount of traditional architecture, there are many modern aspects to the city and it’s known for its vibrant night life. The city is also ideally placed to use as a launch pad to visit some of the most extraordinary countryside Peru has to offer, most notably, Colca Canyon. We’ve selected the best hotel in Arequipa to get the most out of this eclectic city.

The temperature in Arequipa is relatively stable year round and very comfortable. To miss the rain, avoid December to March.

What not to miss:

Colca Canyon - Arguably one of the greatest spectacles in South America, Colca Canyon is an unadulterated wilderness of breath-taking beauty. Hire a guide for a three-day trek down to the refreshing river at the bottom, and look out for condors! Once at the bottom, there are a few small hotels that your guide will be able to navigate you to (some of which have swimming pools…). Be warned, you will be walking back up the canyon at the end of the trip so perhaps go for a day tour if you don’t want a steep trek!

Plaza de Armas - A stunning square in which to grab a coffee, drink or bite and watch the sun go down. Many of the restaurants and cafes are located on top of the historic buildings so keep your eyes peeled!

Cathedral of Arequipa Museum - Need to give your legs a break? Visit this museum to witness some extraordinary artwork and fascinating artefacts from the city’s Catholic heritage.

Monasterio de Santa Catalina - If you’re trying to escape the midday heat, why not visit this stunning example of colonial architecture. The monastery is a maze of plazas, fountains and cobblestone streets.

And for the best places to stay in Arequipa, we recommend:

For Colonial Style

  • Casa Arequipa is a great example of colonial architecture. Feel at home in the colourful rooms and see the day off with a sundowner on the rooftop bar!

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Best Hotels in Arequipa

  • Casa Arequipa 12 rooms from $136

    Arequipa (Vallecito)

    This hotel is situated in central Arequipa. It is decorated in a traditionally colonial style and offers colourfully decorated rooms featuring various pieces of antique furniture. Enjoy drinks on the rooftop bar or you can even reserve to have a private dinner there. An utterly charming city stay!

    City Style  -  This property is situated just half a mile from Arequipa's main square, a perfect base from which to explore the city
    Back to Nature  -  The hotel puts on tours to go visit the Colca Cannon, a breathtaking gorge more than 10,000 feet deep
    Birdwatching  -  On the Salinas Lagoon birdwatching tour you can catch great views of a variety of birds including eagles, flamingos and ducks
    Sights nearby  -  Be sure to go visit the Basilica Cathedral, Fundo el Fierro colonial house or the 500 year old Monastery of Santa Catalina
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