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Photo of Puno

About Puno

Straddling Lake Titicaca, Puno is a great place to explore from but also a fantastic city in its own right. The area has a rich history with impressive architecture still standing as testament. There are a number of churches in the city from the colonial period, initially built by the Spanish in an attempt to evangelize the natives. And of course, it sits beside the beautiful lake that is itself full of wonders. We’ve selected the best places to stay in Puno to make the most of its history and natural beauty.

Being a particularly high city, the temperature can fluctuate a fair amount. The area never gets overly warm so don’t forget to bring a jumper. To avoid the rain, aim to visit between May and August.

What not to miss:

Lake Titicaca - Unsurprisingly, the lake is top of the list. Firstly, its enormous, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that Puno sits on the seaside. Up in the Andes mountains, it’s also one of the highest lakes in the world. Take a boat trip to see the beautiful traditional fishing boats and visit the stunning islands to see some pre-Inca ruins!

Taquile Island - An island in the lake, Tarquile has a host of friendly inhabitants, beautiful scenery and snow-capped mountains for background.

Uros Floating Islands - Although very commercialised these days, the man-made floating islands are still a spectacle to behold. Either stay the night on one of the straw rooms or just drop by for a visit. As a heads up, the inhabitants will expect a tip after you listen to their singing.

Sillustani - Drop in on the lake island to witness huge, pre-Incan burial chambers!

And for the best places to stay in Puno:

For an island stay

  • Stay on your own island at Libertador. Attached to the mainland by road, the hotel offers luxurious accommodation, fantastic views over the water and a restaurant showcasing the best of Peruvian cuisine.

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Best Hotels in Puno

  • LIbertador 123 rooms from $150


    A luxury hotel boasting an epic location on its own island sitting in Lake Titicaca. Contemporary rooms are simply dressed with crisp white linen, soft hues and large windows framing the stunning views. Sample Peruvian classics in the restaurant and unwind in the pampering spa. Superb.

    Local markets  -  Soak in the atmosphere of the weekend market in Puno.
    Hideaway  -  Unwind on this private island set in Lake Titicaca.
    Sailing  -  Take a romantic boat ride on the vast lake.
    Great walks  -  Take a stroll around the island.
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