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Photo of Ávila

About Ávila

Enclosed by monumental city walls, complete with eight huge gates, 88 watchtowers and around two and a half thousand turrets, Ávila is an amazingly well preserved medieval fortress city. It looks like the setting for a fairytale, and the old fashioned, quite religious, atmosphere and mountainous backdrop only strengthens the magical feeling. Ávila is the perfect place to visit if you want to see something of old Spain. As well as the walls Ávila has a wonderful 12th century cathedral, which is actually built into the walls, and numerous monasteries and medieval churches. And a couple of museums. Some of the best places to stay in Ávila can be found close to the old town, but our Guru’s recommendations for the best places to stay in Ávila includes out-of-town-charmers, including a wonderful converted 17th century mill.

  • Molino de los Gamusinos is a quaint, three room country B&B converted from a 17th century mill. The atmosphere is rustic, with exposed beams and stone floors and there are beautiful gardens surrounding the property, running all the way to the Voltoya river.

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Best Hotels in Ávila

  • Molino de los Gamusinos 3 rooms from £120

    Tolbaños, Castile-León

    A quaint country hotel nestled into the countryside surrounding Avila. The former mill retains its rustic 17th century atmosphere with exposed beams and stone floors. A great place for a romantic break, with lovely surrounding gardens stretching down to meet the Voltoya river.

    Country Escape  -  A beautiful B&B in a restored mill, with lovely gardens rolling down to the river.
    Sights nearby  -  Avila is less than ten miles away and its cathedral is worth a visit.
    Kayaking  -  Kayaking on the Voltoya river is a great way to view the surrounds.
    Great walks  -  Beautiful walking in the countryside surrounding Tolbanos.
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