Paris Hip Hotels x13

It started with the Daddy of them all, Hôtel Costes. So hip, so cool, so self assured that it doesn't advertise. But these days Costes is not alone; Paris has a clutch of seriously hip hotels. Hotels which work as a practical place to stay but which are also fun, with a palpable buzz of expectation around them. And there’s something particularly Parisian about them: Paris Hip Hotels occupy their own level of cool.

Hotel Costes

Some of these Paris hip hotels are design hotels with a capital 'D', some benefit from the collaboration with big names in the visual arts world, or the fashion world. Some are tres chic in that effortlessly Parisian way, some have a cool pedigree and some are just frontrunners for future trends. All of them offer more than just a place to lay your head - these are travel experiences in themselves. Truly hip hotels in Paris need real soul - even if their light only burns bright for a short time.

There's no order to this list of Paris hip hotels, they're just those recommended by our gurus, but if you want more information or a personalised recommendation don't hesitate to email us for advice.

Effortlessly, Parisian Hip Hotels

So cool the website is borderline unhelpful, Hôtel Costes has done everything to excess, but somehow lavish haute-bordello style works, and the A-listers love it. Pool, gym, hammam and spa, fine dining, a very lively bar - all achingly hip. Costes is so hip it even gets away with having its own fragrance boutique - because it's right next to its own rose-only florist. Costes is so Paris hip that it doesn't even matter that we all know about it now. And if this review seems ungenerous it's blatant jealousy.

Hotel Costes

From the original we skip to a new hip hotel, Paris - Fouquet’s Barrière, a collaboration between architect Edouard Francois and Jacques Garcia: their aim being to create a 21st Century French palace.  Which to them means chocolate coloured leather walls, TVs encased in sharkskin, and sofas in shades of gold. If you're looking for the royal treatment this is your man -— or else your personal butler is.

Fouquets Barriere

L' Hôtel deserves to be on a list of hip hotels in Paris because Oscar Wilde once lived here. Even if it had the decor of an airport Travelodge it would still make the list. But of course it has gorgeously flamboyant interiors designed by Jacques Garcia, and a reputation for being louche yet glamourous. The pool is candlelit, so perfect for romantic assignations, and the restaurant, Le Restaurant has a Michelin star and is highly thought of by people who know about these sorts of things. It’s also our hip hotels Paris St Germain choice.

L Hotel

Le Bellechasse, with its interiors designed by Christian Lacroix, hasn't been around for as long, but its fun, frivolous and unique design and decor give it an effortlessly hip vibe. Quirky and lively, Le Bellechasse is also right by the Musee d'Orsay.

Le Bellechasse

Paris Hip Design Hotels (note the capital 'D')

Not all design hotels are designed equal(ly). And not all make the list of Paris hip hotels. Many owners think they might have the right to instant fame and 'must go there' popularity, but having a few empty white walls, coloured plastic chairs and some modern art does not a hippest Paris hotel make.

The name doesn't sound it but the 1K Hotel, a hip hotel Paris, Marais option, is definitely a Design hotel that works. Think Austin Powers meets A Clockwork Orange and you're halfway to getting the vibe. And then there's some technology thrown in - fingerprint keypads replace room keys and the corridors are illuminated by dark blue bulbs.

1K Hotel

If you prefer your contemporary design minimalist and monochrome then the Hotel Le A is Paris hip hotel for you. Brickwork is white, floorboards are black and its lit by cool, cylindrical lights. Every now and then there's the ubiquitous piece of modern art, but they're exceptionally well selected - in fact Hotel Le A is probably the Design hotel the other design hotels are emulating.

Hotel Le A

Paris Hip Hotels on a Budget

Thrift is hip these days, and it will please you to know that Paris hip hotels can come with an affordable price tag. These are out recommendations for hip budget Paris hotels.

In the heart of the Marais, Le Petit Moulin has been converted from the oldest boulangerie in Paris - this is where Victor Hugo probably bought his baguettes. Cool in itself, what gets this 17 room hotel on the list of hip hotels in Paris is that while the facade is original, the interior has been redone by design royalty, Christian Lacroix. The 17 rooms start from around £190 per night.

Le Petit Moulin

Another on the budget hip list would have to be Lacroix's Notre Dame offering, with its spectacular views of, you guessed it, Notre Dame. And he's done it with the same explosions of colour and appreciation for traditional design that his clothes are known for. The 26 rooms start from around £140 per night - possibly because there’s no restaurant?

Notre Dame

Mama Shelter by Philippe Starck is probably the largest hip hotel in Paris, and with its 172-imac-inclusive-mood-lit rooms starting from just £140 a night it's also probably the best value. And our hip hotels Paris Père Lachaise adjacent choice.

Mama Shelter

Hip Boutique Hotels Paris

It's great to lay your head somewhere which considers itself art as much as accommodation, but it's also great to be in a convenient location and have perfection when it comes to useful facilities as well. And often it's the hip hotels in Paris at the elegant end of the scale which provide the best blend of cool and comfortable.

The Hotel de Sers has been converted from the elegant 19th Century mansion built for the Marquis de Sers, and is a prime example of traditional elegance blending with cutting edge design to produce a hip hotel in Paris. Located by the Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe, the hotel bar, S'Bar is a cocktail hour magnet for locals in the know.

Hotel de Sers

More affordable younger sibling of Costes, Hotel Bourg Tibourg has an elegantly Moorish feel to it. Handsome and compact, Hotel du Bourg Tibourg is another hip hotel in Paris benefitting from interiors designed by Jacques Garcia, but this time they're more 'elegant chic' than 'flamboyant opulence'. There's a scale... This is another of our recommendations for hip hotels Paris Marais.

Hotel Bourg Tibourg

Underground Paris Hip Hotels

The moment some hotels make the list of Paris hip hotels can be the moment some hotels no longer deserve to be on the list. If hip hotels become too mainstream and too many people know about them then there's the chance chic Parisians will breathe a diminishing 'poh' at your suggestion of staying there. So these hotels are the ones which might appear on an upcoming the list of Paris hipster hotels, or new hip hotels Paris...

The Hotel des Académies et des Arts has skipped the designers and gone straight to artists for inspiration - Jerome Mesnager has painted his joyous white silhouettes directly onto the walls, and sculptor, Sophie Watrigant lets her ladder climbing figures explore the hotel. The rest of the decor is classy, but not fussy, and the spa and funky detailing, make this a unique Parisian experience with plenty of character.

Hotel des Academies et des Arts

Between Montmartre and the Moulin Rouge, Hotel Amour benefits from the hip location and the tres chic kudos of having each room designed by a different celebrity friend of the graffiti artist and nightclub entrepreneur owner. Some are decorated by named artists, some display risqué photographs; all are eclectic, done out in vintage colours with flea market finds.

Hotel Amour

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Or you could check out our full list of the best places to stay in Paris? or contact one of our friendly gurus for some advice.

Paris Hip Hotels x13

  • L'Hôtel Paris 20 rooms from £282

    Gourmet  -  Famous Michelin starred Le Restaurant and the chic Le Bar.
    Sights nearby  -  Just across the river from the Louvre.
    5* Luxury  -  The smallest 5* hotel in Paris.
    Swimming Pool  -  Small plunge pool.
    Recommended by  -  Mr & Mrs Smith, Tablet, Frommers, Kiwi Collection, Small Luxury Hotels, Michelin Travel

    Iconic, small, five star hotel where Oscar Wilde once lived on the Left Bank. Flamboyant interiors by Jacques Garcia, Michelin starred Le Restaurant and the popular Le Bar. Comfortable and romantic rooms are dark and intimate - the perfect luxurious bolthole in the heart of Paris. See More

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  • Le Petit Moulin Paris 17 rooms from £187

    Romantic Break  -  Romantic break in a prime location and surrounded by unique and vibrant interior design.
    Value chic  -  Prime location, funky interiors, wonderful service and easy on the wallet!
    Local markets  -  Head to the oldest covered market in Paris - Marché des Enfants Rouges.
    Sights nearby  -  Picasso Museum is a just around the corner.
    Recommended by  -  Frommers, Small Luxury Hotels

    Fabulous, vibrant and unique 4* boutique designed by Christian Lacroix. Each stylish and comfortable room exudes its own unique charm. Enjoy a super-chic stay at the heart of the Marais. Breakfast is served in the vintage bistro, which moonlights as guest only bar in come sundown. See More

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  • Hotel Costes Paris 82 rooms from £521

    Lively  -  Hip and happening.
    Great walks  -  Just a few minutes walk from Jardin des Tuileries.
    Spa  -  Also a hammam.
    Recommended by  -  Kiwi Collection

    Achingly hip boudoir style designer hotel in a prime location. A magnet for A listers, and you can see why, this hotel oozes exclusivity and class. The hip bar holds live dj sets and trendy restaurant serves avant garde cuisine. A different breed of hotel. See More

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  • Fouquet’s Barrière Paris 107 rooms from £685

    Sights nearby  -  The Eiffel Tower is a 20-minute walk away and the Arc de Triomphe is five.
    Great walks  -  Take a stroll in the romantic Tuileries Garden.
    Views  -  Great views from hotel
    Lively  -  Hip and happening.
    Recommended by  -  Tablet, Frommers, Kiwi Collection, Michelin Travel

    A picturesque Napoleon III palace, on the corner of the Champs-Elysées and George V Avenues. The historic facade is contrasted with hip contemporary interiors and bold modern art. The five chic restaurants include the Michelin-stared, Le Diane. The ultimate in opulence and style. See More

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  • Hotel des Académies et des Arts Paris 20 rooms from £182

    Local exploring  -  Spend days immersed in this fascinating neighbourhood, now home to as many contemporary artists studios as haunts of the greats.
    City Style  -  Glamourous, chic and totally unqiue- rooms ooze edgy decadent elegance, encapsulating the Left Bank.
    Sights nearby  -  The hotel will organise visits to artists’ studios in the area, including Jérôme Mesnager and Sophie de Watrigant.
    Designer  -  Uniquely designed interiors.
    Recommended by  -  Mr & Mrs Smith, I Escape, Tablet, Michelin Travel

    A one of a kind fusion of style and character, near Montparnasse, featuring the interior designs of two renowned artists. A treatment room, art videos and funky, though compact, bedrooms make this a unique Parisian experience. Great value and ideal for couples. See More

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  • 1K Hotel Paris 52 rooms from £273

    Romantic Break  -  Built for romance, with everything from private plunge pools to gigantic round beds- a lovers hideaway in the centre of Paris.
    Local exploring  -  Marais is one of Paris' coolest districts, full of young people, galleries, museums, bars, boutiques and cafes.
    Swimming Pool  -  Two rooms have private plunge pools, as well as a public rooftop pool.
    House party feel  -  Be prepared to meet people.
    Recommended by  -  Mr & Mrs Smith, Tablet, Michelin Travel

    Self-labeled as a design hotel, this four star uber cool hotel is fantastically located in Marais and oozes nightclub vibes. Bright rooms with cool light effects and wall art - two with their own plunge pools. A contemporary menu and delicious cocktails await you. Romantic find in historical area. See More

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  • Hotel de Sers Paris 52 rooms from £298

    Romantic Break  -  For a romantic treat book one of the panoramic suites, with private outdoor terraces overlooking the Eiffel Tower- heaven!
    Sights nearby  -  Just steps from the Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe.
    Full of character
    Designer  -  Uniquely designed interiors.
    Recommended by  -  Tablet, Michelin Travel

    Five star hotel exuding elegance, in a classic Parisian mansion complete with cool designer interiors. Light rooms offer a calming atmosphere in a great central location. Enjoy the spa treatments, fitness centre and modern day essentials. Lively bar for the local crowd in the evenings. See More

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  • Hotel Le A Paris 26 rooms from £279

    City Style  -  Sleeek minimalist interiors by Méchiche, think ebony-stained wood floors and chocolate-brown sofas.
    Sights nearby  -  Around the corner from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysées.
    Designer  -  By Frédéric Méchiche.
    Lively  -  Hip and happening.
    Recommended by  -  Mr & Mrs Smith, Tablet, Kiwi Collection, Michelin Travel

    A perfectly balanced collaboration between art, design and comfort, minutes from the Champs Elysées. Architectural elements, a monochrome theme and striking murals complete the experience. Rooms are mostly compact, but cool and crisp and living up to their four star status. See More

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  • Hotel Amour Paris, NOT TO SHOW 20 rooms from £134

    Lively  -  Fashionable bar and restaurant.
    Sights nearby  -  200 metres from Sacre Coeur.
    Designer  -  Each bedroom is different.
    Recommended by  -  Frommers

    Tres chic hotel-of-the-moment at the foot of Montmartre. Affordable rates, each room funkily decorated by a celebrity friend of the owner. Pretty courtyard garden, very trendy bar and restaurant. See More

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  • Le Bellechasse Paris 33 rooms from £295

    City Style  -  A flamboyant hotel that puts aesthetics before all, the chic choice in the elegant 7th arrondissement, on the Left Bank.
    Great walks  -  This arty area is full of quirky galleries, historic monuments and pretty parks- head out on foot and discover Paris.
    Designer  -  Interiors by Christian Lacroix.
    Full of character
    Recommended by  -  Frommers, Small Luxury Hotels, Michelin Travel, Tablet

    Enjoy the riot of colour, pattern and fresco in a remarkable Christian Lacroix-designed hotel. Fun and frivolous, the rooms are comfortable and unique. Enjoy breakfast on the terrace or in your room, before stepping out and exploring the city. A few steps from the Musee d'Orsay. Good value. See More

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  • Mama Shelter, Paris Paris 170 rooms from £138

    City Style  -  A hip hotel in an alternative corner of northeast Paris, with raw and funky interiors by Philippe Starck.
    Sights nearby  -  Head down to Père Lachaise cemetery, just around the corner.
    Designer  -  Interiors by Philippe Starck.
    Lively  -  Hip and happening.
    Recommended by  -  Fodors, Frommers, Michelin Travel

    Stylish and hip hotel in the 20th arrondissement. Atmospheric rooms with polished concrete, modern art and dark hues. Imac screens in the bedrooms, buzzy restaurant scene and a great nightclub across the road. Funky and reasonably priced. See More

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  • Notre Dame Paris 26 rooms from £140

    City Style  -  A wonderfully chic hotel in central Paris, offering funky interiors and unbeatable views of the Seine and Notre Dame.
    Sights nearby  -  Having admired it from your room visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral for real.
    Great walks  -  Take a stroll along the banks of the Seine.
    Designer  -  Interiors by Christian Lacroix.
    Recommended by  -  Tablet

    Spectacular views of Notre Dame from Christian Lacroix’s latest design hotel, in a 400 year old townhouse on the riverside. Rooms are decorated in retro-modern style, fantastical and fun. No restaurant, but a great position. See More

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  • Hotel Bourg Tibourg Paris 30 rooms from £252

    Romantic Break  -  An opulent and sultry love nest, think miles of red velvet, subdued lighting and Byzantine alcoves with mosaic-tile tubs.
    Sights nearby  -  Marais is brimming with galleries, historic sights and museums, the most notable, Notre Dame, is just down the road.
    Lively area  -  In the heart of the Marais.
    Designer  -  Jacques Garcia interiors.
    Recommended by  -  Frommers, Fodors

    A handsome and compact Parisian townhouse turned sultry Moorish palace. The heavily adorned, compact boudoirs boast rich fabrics, innumerable tassels, dim lighting and scented candles. Enjoy breakfast in bed, lounging in the plush sitting room or stepping out into lively Paris. Wonderfully sensual. See More

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Written by Fiona Duncan

posted Wednesday, 26th February 2020