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Carlos Pellegrini

Photo of Carlos Pellegrini

About Carlos Pellegrini

Carlos Pellegrini is a small town in Argentina's Corrientes Province, it lies within the Ibera Provincial Reserve. The best places to stay in Carlos Pellegrini offer a comfortable base from which to experience all the delights of this natural paradise.

The Ibera wetlands are one of the most important fresh water reservoirs in South America and the second largest in the world. They comprise a series of lakes, lagoons, swamps and marshes. The shape of the land is in a state of constant flux due to the effect of the water. This park (covering some 5,000 square miles is home to an enormous and diverse selection of rare flora and fauna. There are giant otters, caimans, pampas deer, manded wolves, anacondas, howler monkeys, armadillos, 350 species of bird… put simply it's a nirvana for nature lovers, birders and ecotourists! It is also somewhere where you can come to relax and enjoy the ultimate Gaucho experience.

What not to miss

  • Explore the amazing natural parklands at Parque Provincial Ibera.
  • Carlos Pellegrini is perfect for outdoor lovers with kayaking and boating a great way to see the diverse eco systems across the parklands area
  • Hiking around the natural parkland is also a great way to soak in the array of nature, especially at sunrise and sunset!

Carlos Pellegrini itself is a town of less than 1,000 permanent inhabitants. It is a three hour drive by dirt road from Mercedes - so the trip is an adventure in itself! But obviously the wetlands are the real reason for visiting the town and the best places to stay in Carlos Pellegrini are well set up to help you get the most out of this fascinating region.

For a luxurious back to nature experience

  • Posada de la Laguna is a luxury lodge in a tranquil spot overlooking a picturesque lagoon. The rooms are charming with whitewashed walls, antique furniture, and tiled floors. The restaurant serves delicious home cooked regional dishes. Explore the surrounding natural beauty or relax by the pool. Boat cruises and cookery classes are also available.

Travel Information

  • The closest airport to Carlos Pellegrini is Rosario - Islas Malvinas International Airport which is 156km from Carlos Pellegrini, with connecting flights through Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Sau Paulo.
  • The time to catch the best weather in Carlos Pellegrini is from November through until February, with temperatures around 25 celsius.
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      Best Hotels in Carlos Pellegrini

      • Posada de la Laguna 8 rooms from £240

        Carlos Pellegrini

        A luxury lodge in a wonderfully tranquil location, overlooking a picturesque lagoon. Charming rooms have white washed walls, antique furniture and tiled floors. Excellent home-cooked regional dishes are served. Get outside and involved in nature or simply unwind with a book by the pool. Glorious.

        Back to Nature  -  A tranquil property sat in the picturesque wetlands of northeast Argentina.
        Sailing  -  Take a hotel boat cruise on the lagoon and admire the picturesque flora and fauna and wildlife.
        Cooking classes  -  Take a course with the locally famed González Alzaga who runs a restaurant in Buenos Aires.
        Swimming Pool  -  Outdoor pool.
        Recommended by  -  I Escape
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