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Norris Point

Photo of Norris Point

About Norris Point

Norris Point is a charming Newfoundland community right on the coast and one of the closest towns to the spectacular beauty of Gros Morne National Park. The best places to stay in Norris Point have incredible views and offer guests the chance to really escape into another life.

Norris Point is just off the Viking Trail, Route 430, so it’s well set up for guests and there’s plenty to do. You’ll be dazzled by the region’s natural beauty, and they do a great trade in adventures and adventurous excursions here, but Gros Morne is why most people stay in Norris Point.

Gros Morne National Park is an extraordinarily beautiful, Heritage Listed region of flat-topped mountains and spectacular tablelands, of fjord-esque waterways scattered with colourful Newfoundland fishing villages, and of incredible geological significance. There’s no better place to lose yourself in Newfoundland’s culture and natural beauty.

And our pick of the best places to stay in Norris is an ideal base to take all this in!

  • The Neddies Harbour Inn has 15 simple rooms and an understated design which lets the beauty of the location do the talking. You’ll feel at home, but with the bonus of having a local, organic restaurant on site. And if you want to be completely away from everything then you can rent your own private cottage.

Still not sure which is the best place to stay in Norris Point for you?

Best Hotels in Norris Point

  • Neddies Harbour Inn 15 rooms from £111

    Neddies Harbour Norris Point

    Offering simple and clean living in an outstanding location in Gros Morne National park. The understated design gives a homely feel and lets the views take the centre stage. The Black Spruce restaurant offers casual fine dining using local organic produce. The ideal getaway.

    Back to Nature  -  Situated in the beautiful Gros Morne National Park
    Kayaking  -  Kayak on the Gros Morne National park fjords
    Hideaway  -  Rent a cottage for complete seclusion
    Outstanding location
    Recommended by  -  Fodors
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