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  • Jardin Malanga 9 rooms from £244

    Trois Rivieres, Guadeloupe

    Three cottages have been added to a colonial mansion to form this intimate retreat on Guadeloupe. The interiors are simple and traditional and the infinity pool offers views over the Saintes Archipelago. Enjoy excellent food al fresco. A friendly and welcoming resort surrounded by lush vegetation.

    Families  -  With triple rooms and children's rooms it is ideal for families and the island offers a multitude of activites on land and sea
    Hotel Entertainment  -  Enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool, designed so it appears to fall right into the sea on the horizon
    Other Activities  -  Head down to the beach and spend the day lounging on the shores and cooling off in the water
    Great walks  -  Whether you choose jungle or beach there are plenty of stunning walks to be enjoyed
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