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Long Island

Photo of Long Island

About Long Island

Long Island is much rockier than its flat, sandy neighbours, and as well as spectacular coral reefs, Long Island also has real cliffs, towering over its eastern shores. The western side is more your typical Caribbean island perfection, with soft white sandy coves and long stretches of gently curving beach. Perfect for divers, fisher-folk, sailors and anyone who likes their sports wet, the best places to stay in Long Island seem to accommodate all your watery habits.

80 miles long, but only four miles wide as its widest point, Long Island got its moniker for being a bit inconvenient to sail around. Yet it also sits right on the Tropic of Cancer, with the crash of the Atlantic on one side and the gentle Bahamas Bank on the other - you can guess which side the cliffs face!

As well as the interesting position and rather dramatic, by Bahamian standards, geography, Long Island is home to Dean's Blue Hole, the world's deepest blue hole, and Hamilton's Cave, the largest cave system in the Bahamas. So this is a great spot for explorers as well as holidaymakers who just want a unique destination to escape to.

The best places to stay in Long Island can get very busy during the peak season (November to March), so if you want to guarantee your winter sun, get organised and book early. Otherwise come during our Summer, when prices are cheaper and the beaches more likely to be quiet.

For a rustic escape

  • For a proper escape from everything try Chez Pierre with its six rustic style bungalows on stilts, right on a deserted beach. There are huge balconies for relaxing on, plus a superb restaurant. And prices start from only £96 per night.

For a beach resort

    • Cape Santa Maria is a gorgeous hotel right beside an even more beautiful beach. As well as direct beach access there's a pool, of course, and a gym and a luxurious spa. There's also a fun Bahamian beach bar and good, local cuisine. Romantic, pretty and memorable, this is also a great base for an active island break.

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    Best Hotels in Long Island

    • Chez Pierre 6 rooms from $155

      Long Island, Bahamas

      Six rustic bungalows on the beach. Interiors are lovely with wooden floors, big wraparound balconies and tropical print furnishings. Superb restaurant serving fresh seafood and locally sourced produce. Great value; a total hideaway.

      Beach Life  -  Bungalows on stilts situated right on the beach, with superb low key restaurant, friendly tours and deserted beach
      Fishing  -  With local guide Lockley Cartwright
      Diving  -  At Rum cay and San Salvador
      Great walks  -  Along near-deserted beach
      Recommended by  -  Fodors
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    • Cape Santa Maria from $235

      Long Island, Bahamas

      Gorgeous hotel in prime beach location. Interiors have creamy furnishings, tiled floors, rattan and mahogany furniture; villas have modern kitchens and dining areas. Direct beach access, gym, spa treatments. Good Bahamian cuisine and beach bar. Romantic and pretty.

      Romantic Break  -  Enormous balconies with sofas to catch the perfect sunset, nature kayak tours, couples massage and in room hot tubs
      Diving  -  All scuba diving expeditions at Cape Santa Maria use leading edge equipment, and are led by an experienced dive crew
      Fishing  -  For a deep sea adventure, fishing excursions are available with experienced, professional guides
      Sights nearby  -  Christopher Columbus monument
      Recommended by  -  Fodors
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