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About Bahamas

The Bahamas are a tropically perfect archipelago of 700 islands - 2,000+ if you count the small coral cays - famous for their dramatic history of pirates, smugglers and explorers. With so many islands you can imagine the potential. And the variety of what visitors can get up to. And how many perfect beaches that means. Along with numerous possible ways to enjoy yourself on the Bahamas, comes the numerous accommodation options. And the best places to stay in the Bahamas range from over-the-top themed resorts to peaceful private islands, to guesthouses on an isolated beach.

Technically the Bahamas are coral atolls and islands rising out of the Atlantic, but most of us think of them as Caribbean perfection. And while they have the bright white sand and bright turquoise waters of the Caribbean, they have a culture all of their own. English is the official language, but it might not be the English you're expecting. The Bahamas is really a very independent, but very friendly, kind of a place.

Where to stay

  • If you're here for a beach break, you'll find plenty of choices, and the same goes if you're here to have a fun holiday and enjoy some dancing and some sunshine. The Bahamas also offer every watersport known to man.
  • And the interiors of the larger islands, especially the largest island, Andros, offer exciting, and, you guessed it, varied terrain for explorers - from mangrove swamps to primeval forests to palm savannahs.
  • Long Island is more dramatic geographically than its neighbours - it even has cliffs! - and it's home to Dean's Blue Hole, one of the deepest around.
  • Cat Island boasts the Bahamas highest mountain - which is 63metres high, and a system of underwater caves and channels.
  • American-feeling because it’s so close to Florida, Grand Bahama is the place to go for a beach resort style holiday,
  • whereas the Exumas are perfect for some island hopping.
  • Eleuthera is our pick if you want total relaxation,
  • whilst the Abaco Islands are a haven for divers and sailors.
  • The capital, Nassau, on New Providence Island, is busy with movement, sounds, colours and smells. Nassau has the lion's share of the Bahamian population, restaurants, shopping and this is also where you'll find some of the oldest Caribbean beach hotels. Founded by the British in 1650, Nassau is probably better known, historically, for its connection with piracy, and especially Blackbeard, who challenged British rule here. This is where you’ll find the cheesy but fun pirate museum, plus serval impressive forts and the Atlantis Waterscape (on Paradise Island) and a vast open-air aquarium.

If you're interested in the cannonball-rich history of the Bahamas there are numerous forts scattered about, and several museums, including the Pompey Museum of Slavery and Emancipation and the Pirate Museum. You might also want to visit San Salvador, which might be the place where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492 when he made it to the West Indies. Or Samana Cay, which might also have been the place… The Bahamas also offer the perfect backdrop against which to swim with dolphins, to learn to sail or to go parasailing. And for pretty much every watersport you can imagine.

While not a possibility for every visitor, the Bahamas are best approached by sea, but mostly so that you can enjoy the idyllic island views. Nassau is one of the world's busiest cruise ship ports, but you'll find ports on all the inhabited islands. And of course Nassau has an airport and is home to several of the best places to stay in the Bahamas.

What not to Miss

  • The beaches - but you can’t miss them, there are stunners everywhere you look. If you want a beach all to yourself try the 200-odd Exuma Cays. Great Exuma and Little Exuma are known for their laid-back atmosphere and gorgeous natural surroundings. The cays themselves are known for being either perfectly pristine or dotted with ultra luxurious private island resorts.
  • Seeing in, out, on top of, and as much of the ocean as you can. You might want to take a trip to the private Blue Lagoon Island and snorkel through the brightly coloured coral reefs, for example? Or try your hand at any number of water sports activities including jet skiing, kayaking, deep sea fishing, diving, snorkelling, sailing, windsurfing… the list continues. Come on in, the water is warm - like warm bathwater.
  • If it’s sailing you want, the Abaco Islands are known for their reefs, spectacular viewed from both above and below the surface.
  • See Nassau’s cheesy pirate museum.
  • Visit Paradise Island’s Atlantis Waterscape.
  • Climb Cat Island’s Mount Alvernia, which is topped by one of the world’s most scenic monasteries. And while you’re there see the 'Boiling Hole' a clear lake with odd tidal conditions which cause strange burps and bubbles, and lead to stories of this being the home of a sea monster! This is also a great place for seeing baby sharks and stingrays; and the underwater caves and channels starting at the Big Blue Hole.
  • Dive Long Island’s Dean's Blue Hole, the world's deepest blue sinkhole, a wonderful place to go diving and surrounded by cliffs for those brave enough to jump into the water.
  • Head to Eleuthera’s Governor's House on Friday for the fish fry.
  • Or admire the aquatic life in the waters - you can see turtles, sharks, dolphins, manatees, angelfish and many, many more species.

Use our guide to the best places to stay in the Bahamas and start to plan your Caribbean getaway.

    In Nassau

    • The Graycliff Hotel is a characterful spot, right in the centre of town. Rooms are packed with antique opulence, there are two pools, beautiful gardens and sun terrace plus a gym, spa, Bahamian restaurant, wine cellar and a cigar factory.

    Grand Bahama

    • The Bell Channel Inn on Grand Bahama is an unmissable, bright pink hotel right on the beach and just out of Freeport. There are just 32 rooms, some with balconies or kitchenettes. There's also a pool, gardens, buzzy bar, and a dive shop. All from a starting price of just £61 per night.
    • Pelican Bay is a large, elegant hotel, just metres from the beach. Guests share three outdoor pools, a large spa, gardens and a good choice of restaurants, and all starting for under £100 per night.

    Andros Island

    • Kamalame Cay is a luxurious beach resort with elegant rooms, outdoor pool, tennis court and ocean front spa, all set amid 100 acres of tropical grounds
    • Snall Hope Bay offers a collection of ocean front cottages done up with bright tropical print fabrics, pine furrnishings and private patios.


    • Eleuthera’s Pink Sands is a sumptuous, beachfront resort with 25 rooms and cottages complete with lovely private decks. The decor features mahogany, wooden floors and tropical shutters, so it feels a bit colonial? Then there’s a 26acre garden, a private beach, a library and a slick bar.
    • Pineapple Fields is a collection of modern villas set around a pool and restaurant - through the villas have their own kitchens too. This is a particularly beautiful and peaceful spot.


    • Turquoise Cay on Little Exuma is a tiny five star hotel - and, you guessed, it, it's right on the beach. As well as cool, creamily decorated rooms, there's a beautiful ocean-facing infinity pool, a sunset cocktail terrace and a small spa.
    • The Staniel Cay Yacht Club is a collection of pretty, colourful beach cottages with a barefoot-boutique feel and easy marina access. There are just 14 rooms and all guests have complimentary access to a stand-up paddle board.

    Abaco Island

    • Hope Town Inn & Marina is a colonial style hotel set behind its own marina - so there's a bit of a nautical theme. Most rooms have kitchens, but the restaurant has a pretty delicious looking seafood menu. As well as being ideal for sailors, this is also a great spot for divers and snorkellers.
    • The Sea Spray Resort is on Elbow Cay on Abaco. Its collection of villas has got its own marina, along with a pool, sun terrace and excellent seafood restaurant. You're also well located for diving or snorkelling excursions, and you'll often find there's live music in the bar.

    Long Island

      • Long Island’s Cape Santa Maria is a gorgeous hotel right beside an even more beautiful beach. As well as direct beach access there's a pool, gym and luxurious spa. There's also a fun Bahamian beach bar and good, local cuisine. Romantic, pretty and memorable. This is a great base for an active island break.

      For a special occasion

      • Tiamo on Andros Island is a romantic beach retreat. Accommodation is in secluded cottages, some with private pools and hammocks perfect for dozing the afternoon away in.

      Most Romantic

      • For a proper escape from everything try Long Island’s Chez Pierre with its six rustic style bungalows on stilts, right on a deserted beach. There are huge balconies for relaxing, plus a superb restaurant. Prices start from only £96 per night.

        For families

        • Nassau’s The Cove Atlantis is the ultimate family resort with its own cinema, casino, beach, water park and just about every kind of watersport or resort activity you can imagine. The Cove Atlantis is also big - so there's a huge range when it comes to restaurants and bars. There are also several kid's clubs.
        • The Orange Hill Beach Inn in Nassau is a relaxed and friendly 33 room inn, converted, in a very Caribbean style, from an orange plantation. There are rooms with small kitchens, but there's also a restaurant.
        • The Big Game Club is a family friendly five star resort on North Bimini, really just across the way from Miami. The decor is very traditional Caribbean - there's a lot of bamboo and palm trees. This is definitely one of the best places to stay in the Bahamas to relax and have fun with your family, and it's great value too.
        • Cat Island’s Fernandez Bay Village is a collection of 18 charming, beachfront cottages with characterful interiors and large, private patios. There’s also direct beach access, a restaurant serving international cuisine and a popular Tiki Bar.

        For a beach break

        • Coral Sands is a stunning beach front hotel set on nine beautiful acres of Harbour Island, including three miles of white sand just in front of the hotel. Rooms are elegant and modern, and there's a library, billiards room and a superb French-Bahamian restaurant for the evenings.
        • The Runaway Hill Club is a chic, beachfront hotel on Harbour Island, with modern, seaside-y, interiors. There are just eight rooms and you're right on the beach, so this is a romantic, and beautiful spot for a beach break.
        • Cat Island’s Greenwood Beach Resort is a lushly pretty beachfront hotel with 18 tropical style rooms and plenty of charm. Secluded, idyllic and great value, this resort also has a great little restaurant serving local specialities and a friendly beach bar.
        • Club Peace & Plenty on Great Exuma Island is a beachfront hotel with plenty of Caribbean charm and a good Bahamian restaurant. The accommodation is comfortable and they are in a great location to offer an excellent range of excursions on the Exuma Cays.

        For a taste of island life

        • Nassau’s Compass Point Hotel is a collection of 18 funky Caribbean-style apartments with direct beach access. The Compass point also has a great beach bar and a fantastic restaurant which offers both Bahamian and international cuisine.
        • Nassau’s Paradise Harbour Club is a collection of apartments just behind their own marina. There are beautiful views, there's a pool, hot tub and sun terraces, and kitchens, but no restaurant.

        To Relax

        • Eleuthera’s Pineapple Fields is a collection of homely, modern villas right by the beach. The friendliness of this hotel, and the generous sized kitchens and living areas in the villas, makes it easy to feel at home here, albeit with a garden that's likely more tropically-beautiful than the one you have at home. It's easy to charter a boat from here, and there's great fishing. It's also great value.
        • Or there’s Coral Sands, also on Eleuthera, which is a stunning, but peaceful 39 room hotel set on nine acres of tropical garden. The rooms are elegant, with a modern tropical feel, and there’s a lovely pool, a library, billiards room and a French-Bahamian restaurant.

        For Great Value

        • Cat Island’s Orange Creek Inn is a collection go no-frills beachfront apartments with stunning views and simple interiors. There are kitchen and dining areas plus laundry facilities and an ice machine. You also have direct beach access. Rooms start from around £70 per night.
        • Chez Pierre has just six rustic style bungalows on stilts, right on a deserted beach. There are huge balconies for relaxing on, plus a superb restaurant. And prices start from only £96 per night.
        • Great Exuma’s Staniel Cay Yacht Club is a collection of pretty, colourful beach cottages with a barefoot-boutique feel and easy marina access. There are just 14 rooms and all guests have complimentary access to a stand-up paddle board.

          For a self-catering Apartment or Villa

          • If you’d prefer to stay in an apartment or private villa we recommend you visit our online partner,

          Travel Information

          • Nassau's Lynden Pindling International Airport is the largest airport in the Bahamas, but your other choices when it comes to international airports are Grand Bahama International Airport and Exuma International Airport. It’s relatively easy to island hop via plane if you want to, though it’s quite something to travel on the water.
          • If you want to hire a car we recommend you visit our online partner,Rentalcars.
          • There are really only two seasons in the Bahamas, hot wet summers and warm, drier winters - which tend to be the better season to visit. November to mid-April is the high season. Hurricane season is July through October, so best avoided. The more south you go the more tropical the climate becomes and it tends to be warm all year round, so there are some islands which are idyllic all year round…

          Still not sure which is the best place to stay on the Bahamas for you?

          Best Hotels in Bahamas

          • Tiamo South Andros Island, Bahamas 13 rooms from £738

            Romantic Break  -  Secluded cottages on the beach, some with private pools, with spa treatments, hammock dozing and snorkelling minutes away
            Fishing  -  Tiamo has its own fully equipped 28ft World Cat Boat which makes blue water fishing fun and easily accessible from the resort
            Birdwatching  -  See how many of the island’s 330 bird species you can identify
            Sailing  -  Can be booked nearby.
            Recommended by  -  Tablet, Small Luxury Hotels

            Romantic beach resort. The cottages are decorated in contemporary eco style with wooden floors, large private terraces and slick stone bathrooms. Outdoor pool, gym, spa, library and beach access. Sublime Caribbean fusion menu, with emphasis on locally sourced. Secluded, quiet and picturesque. See More

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          • Orange Creek Inn Cat Island, Bahamas 16 rooms from £70

            Beach Life  -  Quiet beach on the doorstep, lush bird-filled gardens, relaxed atmosphere and friendly service
            Fishing  -  Hotel can arrange salt-water fishing trips
            Local markets  -  Local traditional straw market
            Great walks  -  Blue Hole and Port Royal Beach

            No frills beachfront apartments with stunning views. Interiors are simple but provide kitchens and dining areas plus laundry facilities & an ice machine. Direct beach access, games room and grocery store. Superb value and very quiet. See More

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          • Bell Channel Inn Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas 32 rooms from £77

            Active Holiday  -  Extensive scuba dive packages available from in-house dive shop, as well as fishing, kayaking and snorkelling
            Fishing  -  Fishing trips from hotel; cook the catch in hotel afterwards
            Diving  -  Full dive shop within hotel
            Seaside  -  Ideal for a seaside holiday.
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Charming hotel on the beach on Grand Bahama Island. Simple rooms have balconies, tiled floors and some with small kitchenettes. Outdoor pool, garden and dive shop. Good seafood menu and buzzing bar with live music. For location and amenities, ideal for those wanting to learn or improve diving. See More

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          • Big Game Club North Bimini, Bahamas 51 rooms from £93

            Families  -  Perfect suites for families, and plenty of child friendly activites such as glass bottom boat trip or fun in the hotel pool
            Active Holiday  -  Extraordinary location for scuba diving and snorkelling, and hotel can organise all types of trips
            Diving  -  Daily dive operations center around two major geographical areas: Bimini and Cat Cay, which lies about 11 miles south of Bimini
            Sights nearby  -  Dolphin House Museum

            Family friendly 5* beach resort. Decor is Caribbean colourful with artworks on the walls, bamboo furniture and private balconies. Outdoor pool, massage treatments, games room and private marina. Relaxed seafood restaurant. For location and activities, an outstanding hotel. See More

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          • Greenwood Beach Resort Bahamas 18 rooms from £101

            Hideaway  -  8 miles of almost empty beach on the doorstep, low key atmosphere, hammocks and pool to cool off
            Diving  -  More than twelve miles of unlimited wall diving sites along the southern coast alone
            Sights nearby  -  Port Howe and Bains Town, only 10 to 30 minutes away from the resort
            Kayaking  -  Complimentary hotel kayaks
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Pretty beachfront hotel. Rooms are spread across the gardens, and interiors are decorated with princess-net beds, bamboo furniture and patios. Outdoor pool, direct beach access and games room. Restaurant serving local cuisine and beach front bar. Secluded, idyllic and good value. See More

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          • Orange Hill Beach Inn Nassau, Bahamas 33 rooms from £108

            Families  -  Laid back atmosphere, large outdoor pool, beach access and small kitchens in studios
            Diving  -  More than a dozen shipwrecks, underwater movie sites, beautiful coral reefs
            Great walks  -  Through Nassau Botanical Gardens
            Swimming Pool  -  Indoor/outdoor
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Beach front inn on former orange plantation. Rooms have pine furniture, tropical print fabrics and studios with small kitchens. Outdoor pool, sun terrace and lounge. Restaurant serves good Bahamian and continental food. Relaxed, secluded and family friendly. See More

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          • Abaco inn Bahamas 14 rooms from £117

            Beach Life  -  The reefs and waters surrounding hotel are outstanding for surfing, snorkelling and fishing
            Groups  -  Suites with kitchens, enormous wrap-around balconies, lounges and lively bar
            Fishing  -  Abaco Inn offers our Fisherman’s Catch – a service allowing you to enjoy a dinner of your own catch prepared for you by the chef
            Surfing  -  Hotel beach waters offers one of the best breaks in all of Abaco; surf shops nearby
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Lovely beachfront resort on Abaco. Rooms have tropical print fabrics, hammocks and large balconies. Outdoor pool and manicured gardens, beach access. Villas have kitchens. Outstanding seafood cuisine and sunset-facing ambient bar. Plethora of watersports on the doorstep; great choice for groups. See More

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          • Hope Town Inn & Marina Hope Town, Bahamas 15 rooms from £121

            Families  -  Contemporary decor and full modern kitchens, makes life very easy for families to prepare picnics and light dinners
            Active Holiday  -  With its own marina, sailing is on the doorstep, as well as snorkel trips, day trips to other islands and fishing
            Diving  -  Plenty of dive shops nearby to take you to underwater caves, ship wrecks, ever changing marine life
            Great walks  -  Along hidden Tahiti Beach

            Colonial style hotel on its own marina. Charming rooms have exposed beams, creamy walls and modern nautical furnishings, most with kitchens. Outdoor pool, sun terrace, marina access. Fresh seafood menu and Bahamian cocktail bar with live music. A lovely choice for families. See More

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          • Chez Pierre Long Island, Bahamas 6 rooms from £121

            Beach Life  -  Bungalows on stilts situated right on the beach, with superb low key restaurant, friendly tours and deserted beach
            Fishing  -  With local guide Lockley Cartwright
            Diving  -  At Rum cay and San Salvador
            Great walks  -  Along near-deserted beach
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Six rustic bungalows on the beach. Interiors are lovely with wooden floors, big wraparound balconies and tropical print furnishings. Superb restaurant serving fresh seafood and locally sourced produce. Great value; a total hideaway. See More

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          • Pelican Bay Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas 186 rooms from £124

            Romantic Break  -  Waterfront suites with outdoor rain showers, dolphin excursions, white sand beach and spa treatments
            Sights nearby  -  25-minute car ride away, Gold Rock Creek Beach has been consistently rated as one of the top beaches in the world
            Local markets  -  Port Lucaya Marketplace
            Great walks  -  In Garden of the Groves
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Elegant hotel just metres from the beach on Grand Bahama Island. Rooms have an eco feel, with tiled floors, mahogany four posters, and characterful extras. Three outdoor pools, spa, gardens. Tropical fusion menus, and ambient outdoor bar. Romantic, laid-back and excellent location. See More

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          • Seascape Inn South Andros, Bahamas 5 rooms from £124

            Hideaway  -  Very low key atmosphere and no frills area, with just the cabins, the beach and wildlife to enjoy
            Fishing  -  Hotel can provide you with names of independent bonefishing guides who can take you out for the day
            Great walks  -  There is an in-land blue hole you can reach on your own or you can hire a guide
            Birdwatching  -  Mangrove Cay enjoys an abundance of both resident and migratory birds
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Rustic beach front cottages. Decor is charming with wooden floors and beamed ceilings, private verandahs and ocean views. Excellent international menu in the friendly restaurant and bar. Gardens with an abundance of wildlife surround this secluded and peaceful hideaway hotel. See More

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          • Sea Spray Resort Abaco, Bahamas from £128

            Local exploring  -  With its own marina making island exploring effortless, as are diving and snorkelling in the nearby reef
            Sailing  -  Rental sail or powerboats can be arranged through the Marina office
            Sights nearby  -  Hope Town Light House
            Great walks  -  Good for walkers.
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Villa resort with marina on Elbow Cay. Rooms are contemporary with tiled floors, large balconies and kitchens. Outdoor pool and sun terrace. The Boat House restaurant serves good international and seafood cuisine, often with live music. Quiet with excellent location. See More

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          • Hope Town Harbour Lodge Abaco, Bahamas 25 rooms from £129

            Families  -  Larger suites with kitchenettes and living rooms are ideal for families; excellent kids club and sailing trips
            Sights nearby  -  Hope Town Lighthouse
            Sailing  -  From Abaco Marina
            Kids Club  -  Fully staffed.
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Pretty hotel with spectacular Atlantic views on Elbow Cay, off Abaco. Rooms have terracotta floors, French doors with balconies and pine furniture. Outdoor pool, garden and library. Superb dining with views across the harbour. Idyllic, friendly and quiet. See More

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          • Pineapple Fields Eleuthera Island, Bahamas from £133

            Hideaway  -  Make yourself feel at home in your Caribbean villa with incredible views, welcoming decor and activities just on the doorstep
            Families  -  Full kitchen, dining and living areas in the villas, along with laundry facilities. Massages available for adults
            Fishing  -  The many flats up and down the Island are perfect hunting grounds for the elusive bone fish
            Sailing  -  With two full-service marinas it’s easy to charter a boat
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Homely villas near to the beach. Interiors are contemporary with tiled floors, white wooden furniture, full kitchens and artworks. Outdoor pool, tropical gardens. Excellent seafood in the laid back popular restaurant. Friendly, pretty and good value. See More

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          • Staniel Cay Yacht Club Bahamas 14 rooms from £144

            Local exploring  -  Staniel Cay has its own marina, and extensive boat tours and fishing trips, as well as local wildlife
            Kayaking  -  All guests with a lodging package receive complimentary access to a Stand-Up Paddle Board
            Fishing  -  Fishing trips as well as half-day or day-long excursions and conch expeditions
            Sights nearby  -  Visit nearby islands Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park
            Recommended by  -  Frommers, Fodors

            Pretty colourful cottages on the beach. Interiors are barefoot-boutique with rainfall showers, wooden floors, large verandahs and modern bathrooms. Outdoor pool, gardens and marina access. Tasty Bahamian cuisine and relaxed beach bar. Superb spot to explore the islands from, and family friendly. See More

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          • Green Turtle Club & Marina Abaco, Bahamas 30 rooms from £148

            Hideaway  -  Although only a 15 minute ferry ride, the island feels secluded, with bird filled mangroves and coral reefs to yourself
            Birdwatching  -  Bahama Yellow-Throat, Cuban Emerald Hummingbird, Red-legged Thrush, Olive-capped Warbler
            Full of character
            On the beach  -  In front of the hotel.

            Secluded island resort on the beach. Rooms are full of character with opulent fabrics, nautical accents and Caribbean dark wood furniture. Outdoor pool, gardens and library. Excellent Bahamian cuisine in ocean front restaurant. Quiet, idyllic and friendly. See More

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          • Old Bahama Bay Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas 73 rooms from £156

            Families  -  Excellent kids club and beach activities, spa for adults, and island tours suitable for all ages
            Diving  -  On-site Stuart Cove Dive Center offers Tiger Shark Dives at world famous Tiger Beach
            Local markets  -  The Port Lucaya Marketplace
            Views  -  Great views from hotel
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Friendly resort on private beach. Elegant rooms have large verandahs, cream furnishings and lounge areas. Outdoor pool, spa, gym, complimentary watersports. Terrific seafood menu and BBQ beach bar. Ideal for families, with a very intimate feel. See More

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          • Ocean Frontier Hideaway Abaco, Bahamas from £156

            Hideaway  -  Cottages are set within sprawling gardens and with a private beach, and nearby marina, you can enjoy ultimate peace and quiet
            Sailing  -  Rental nearby, cays are usually no more than 10 to 40 minutes apart making it ideal day tripping
            Fishing  -  The guides offer full and half day excursions, for groups and private charters
            Diving  -  The hotel can arrange equipment rental

            Simple clapperboard cottages on a private beach. Interiors are cozy with pine tongue & groove walls, large private sundecks, kitchens and tiled floors. Outdoor pool, BBQ area and library. Light snacks available from friendly beach bar. Very secluded, lots of space and superb beach. See More

            Check Availability
          • Compass Point Hotel Nassau, Bahamas 18 rooms from £172

            Beach Life  -  Colourful clapperboard suites, with an idllyic beach, activities within walking distance
            Fishing  -  Hotel can organise boat charter to trawl the deep seas for a prized marlin
            Full of character
            On the beach  -  In front of the hotel.

            Colourful beach front apartments. Rooms are in colonial style with white shutters, large verandahs and small kitchens. Outdoor pool, hot tub and beach access with pier. Fantastic Bahamian and International cuisine, oceanfront bar. Low-key, superb location and good value. See More

            Check Availability
          • Cape Santa Maria Long Island, Bahamas from £183

            Romantic Break  -  Enormous balconies with sofas to catch the perfect sunset, nature kayak tours, couples massage and in room hot tubs
            Diving  -  All scuba diving expeditions at Cape Santa Maria use leading edge equipment, and are led by an experienced dive crew
            Fishing  -  For a deep sea adventure, fishing excursions are available with experienced, professional guides
            Sights nearby  -  Christopher Columbus monument
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Gorgeous hotel in prime beach location. Interiors have creamy furnishings, tiled floors, rattan and mahogany furniture; villas have modern kitchens and dining areas. Direct beach access, gym, spa treatments. Good Bahamian cuisine and beach bar. Romantic and pretty. See More

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          • Hut Pointe Inn Eleuthera Island, Bahamas from £191

            Families  -  Large suites are ideal for families, as are the near-empty surrounding beaches, live local music and sailing trips
            Sights nearby  -  The cavernous Preacher’s Cave provided shelter for the first European settlers of Eleuthera, and served as their first church
            Diving  -  The Devil’s Backbone, a popular dive, is a large coral formation notorious for wrecking ships
            Local markets  -  Pam’s Island Made Gift Shop, featuring local handicrafts

            Limestone inn near the beach. Contemporary suites feature large bedrooms, living areas with mahogany furniture, modern kitchens and verandahs. Lush gardens, friendly service. A few minutes walk from the beach and all its activities. A fine choice for a family. See More

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          • Coral Sands Harbour Island, Bahamas 39 rooms from £195

            Beach Life  -  Three miles of white sand, multitude of watersports from the doorstep, candle lit beach dining and chic decked sun terraces
            Sailing  -  From Fisherman's Dock and Government Dock
            Seaside  -  Ideal for a seaside holiday.
            Great walks  -  Good for walkers.
            Recommended by  -  Fodors, Kiwi Collection

            Stunning beach front hotel in 9-acres. Elegant rooms have wooden furniture, modern tropical print furnishings and white shutters. Outdoor pool, gardens, library and billiard room. Superb French-Bahamian menus and laid-back bar. Charming, opulent and peaceful. See More

            Check Availability
          • Bahama Beach Club Great Abaco Island, Bahamas from £195

            Romantic Break  -  Secluded apartments in manicured gardens, with dolphin boat trips, white sand picnics or scuba diving
            Families  -  Apartments come with full kitchens and plenty of living space for all; child appropriate watersports
            Fishing  -  Discover big-game monsters like tarpon, wahoo, sailfish, and blue marlin
            Swimming Pool  -  Two outdoor freshwater pools
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Beautiful apartment resort on the beach. Interiors have tiled floors, rattan furniture, modern artworks and kitchens. Outdoor pool, manicured gardens, beach access and gym. Great international and seafood cuisine in beach front restaurant. Stunning views, outstanding beach and friendly service. See More

            Check Availability
          • Fernandez Bay Village Bahamas 18 rooms from £198

            Families  -  Villas are ideal for families, with big modern kitchens, spacious living rooms, plenty of bedrooms and garden space
            Fishing  -  The waters surrounding Cat Island are home to a variety of blue water game fish, including, but not limited to, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi
            Sailing  -  Thirteen foot Boston Whalers can be rented without a captain for exploring nearby beaches
            Sights nearby  -  The legends surrounding the Blue Holes of Cat Island make them a curious attraction
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Charming beach front cottages. Interiors are full of character with stone walls, tiled floors and bamboo furniture, large private patios. Beach access, garden, popular tiki bar and good international cuisine from the restaurant. Family friendly, pretty and quiet. See More

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          • Club Peace & Plenty Great Exuma Island, Exumas 32 rooms from £212

            Local exploring  -  Expect a wide range of excursions from this prime location, such as Stocking Island
            Beach Life  -  Boasting an enviable beach location topped off by the property's Beach Club
            Fishing  -  At the Bonefishing School, you can learn how to use a fly rod from a flat bottomed boat
            Sailing  -  Boat's can be hired through the property to explore the islands at your own pace

            A historic house, turned into a chic beachside resort, offering luxurious accommodation and an unbeatable Caribbean setting. Light rooms are simply styled with whitewashed walls, unpolished wooden furniture and large terraces with sea views. Just a stroll from the beach this is an indulgent stay. See More

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          • Sky Beach Club Eleuthera Island, Bahamas from £230

            Beach Life  -  Stunning beach front villas, with enormous windows and verandahs, plenty of sea activities and superb seafood dining
            Diving  -  The Devil’s Backbone is a large coral formation off North Eleuthera, notorious for wrecking ships
            Sights nearby  -  Spanish Wells fishing village
            On the beach  -  Private beach
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Stunning villas on private beach. Contemporary rooms feature enormous living rooms, mahogany furniture, large bathrooms and kitchens. Superb seafood cuisine in popular restaurant, ambient bar. Luxurious, glamorous and chic. See More

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          • The Landing Bahamas 13 rooms from £233

            Beach Life  -  Located just a short walk from the pristine beaches of Harbour Island
            Honeymoons  -  This elegant island getaway is the perfect destination for newlyweds
            Families  -  The Landing is welcoming to families with large family rooms
            Diving  -  Local dive shops across the island offer equipment and certification, find out why this is one of the world's best diving spots
            Recommended by  -  Tablet

            A stylish hotel set in a 19th-century house blending plantation style with contemporary Caribbean chic. Rooms are elegantly designed with mahogany furniture and linen sheets, and come with ocean views. Chef Madelene Pedican curated the restaurant's world-class menu and the wine list is extensive. See More

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          • The Cove Eleuthera Eleuthera, Bahamas 58 rooms from £233

            Families  -  Enormous family suites, varied child friendly activites such as sea glass collecting, and massages for grown ups
            Romantic Break  -  In-room couples massages, snorkelling right from the doorstep, gorgeous romantic rooms
            Sights nearby  -  From Three Island Dock, enjoy a quick boat ride on a Water Taxi to Harbour Island
            Kayaking  -  With Bahamas Out-Island Adventures
            Recommended by  -  Fodors, Tablet

            Gorgeous beach front hotel. Contemporary rooms have light wooden floors, big verandahs, marble bathrooms and wonderful views. Outdoor infinity pool, gym, lush gardens and spa treatments. Excellent Bahamian cuisine. Luxurious, sumptuous and relaxing. See More

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          • Rock House Harbour Island, Bahamas from £234

            Beach Life  -  Orchid gardens surround the poolside daybeds, picnic baskets are filled for beach trips and Pink Sand beach is on the doorstep
            Great walks  -  With the hotel's personalised packed picnic baskets
            Diving  -  Valentine’s Dive Center
            Designer  -  Wallace Tutt
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Luxurious beach hotel. Individually designed rooms have creamy walls, modern artworks and mahogany furniture. Heated outdoor pool, direct beach access, orchid gardens and gym. Outstanding modern cuisine and slick bar. Effortlessly chic and boutique stay. See More

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          • Runaway Hill Club Harbour Island, Bahamas 8 rooms from £254

            Beach Life  -  Chic interiors, turquoise pool overlooking the ocean, fishing trips and dive from the beach itself
            Fishing  -  During your stay at Runaway Hill Inn, you can reserve a fishing adventure with Captain Rich Helmuth
            Seaside  -  Ideal for a seaside holiday.
            Great walks  -  Good for walkers.
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Chic beach front hotel. Interiors are contemporary with dark wood furniture, seaside touches and enormous bathrooms. Outdoor pool and library, direct beach access. Excellent Bahamian cuisine in the ambient restaurant. Romantic, laid back and cool. See More

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          • Graycliff Hotel Nassau, Bahamas 20 rooms from £254

            Quirky  -  In this 200 plus year old mansion, find antiques, a cellar filled with thousands of bottles of wine, and a working cigar factory
            Sights nearby  -  Hotel overlooks the Government House in the centre of Nassau.
            Great walks  -  Around town from Rawson Square
            Full of character

            Characterful 5* hotel in town centre. Rooms have antiques, opulent fabrics, chandeliers and four poster beds. Two outdoor pools, gym, spa treatments, gardens and sun terrace. Excellent Bahamian cuisine, extensive wine cellars and cigar factory. Unusual, luxurious and unique. See More

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          • The Ocean View Club Bahamas 9 rooms from £293

            Beach Life  -  Perched on the iconic pink sands of the Bahamas, Ocean View Club is deserving of its name with gorgeous views of the Atlantic
            Weddings  -  Get married in paradise, The Ocean View Club can arrange the perfect ceremony on the beach
            Diving  -  The Bahamas is home to some of the world's best diving spots
            Great walks  -  Explore the surrounding Bahamas and Dunmore town on foot

            A charming family-run hotel nestled on the beach. Guests can choose from authentic private beach shacks under coconut trees, 'tent cottages' or rooms with an ocean view in the hotel itself. The restaurant serves authentic Bahamian cuisine including delicious seafood. See More

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          • Kamalame Cay Andros Island, Bahamas from £318

            Romantic Break  -  Very secluded villas, spa with glass bottom to view the fish, sunset cocktails and picnic excursions
            Sights nearby  -  Take a pre-booked picnic lunch (arranged the day before) on your own deserted island
            Kayaking  -  Explore the mangroves at the back of the Cay at high tide by Kayak
            Fishing  -  Go looking for local fish on the 32ft Regulator
            Recommended by  -  Mr & Mrs Smith, Fodors

            Private island luxury beach resort in 100 acres. Elegant rooms feature private terraces, high beamed ceilings, nautical touches and huge bathrooms. Outdoor heated pool, tennis court and ocean front spa. Fantastic Caribbean cuisine, and two breezy beach bars. Luxurious, exclusive and laid back. See More

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          • Turquoise Cay Little Exuma, Bahamas 8 rooms from £320

            Romantic Break  -  Gorgeous creamy decor, ocean front infinity pool, sunset cocktail terrace and spa treatments
            Great walks  -  Dozens of nearby trails to coves and caves
            Seaside  -  Ideal for a seaside holiday.
            On the beach  -  In front of the hotel.
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Gorgeous 5* beachfront hotel. Creamy rooms feature rattan furniture, large balconies, chic nautical furnishings and big bathrooms. Outdoor infinity pool, gardens, private beach. Outstanding menu from Peru, France and Asia; romantic bar. Boutique and luxurious. See More

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          • The Island House Nassau 30 rooms from £337

            Total relaxation  -  Relax into a state of near-jelly- with extensive spa treatments, indulgent dinners, endless cocktails and tropical views
            Full of character
            Seaside  -  Ideal for a seaside holiday.
            Outstanding location
            Recommended by  -  Mr & Mrs Smith

            An elegant island retreat for the sophisticated traveller, far from the tourist crowds of Nassau. Simple chic Eastern style architecture is set off by earthy bamboos, custom-made wood furniture, neutral tones and stunning tropical gardens. The spa and fitness facilities are the best on the island. See More

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          • Pink Sands Harbour Island, Bahamas 25 rooms from £386

            Romantic Break  -  Fragrant jasmine grown throughout hotel gardens, opulent bedrooms, private terraces and romantic dining
            Sailing  -  Plenty of day trips from Fisherman's Dock and Government Dock
            Birdwatching  -  Surrounding gardens are a bird sanctuary
            Designer  -  Barbara Hulanicki
            Recommended by  -  Fodors, Tablet, Kiwi Collection

            Sumptuous beach front resort. The cottage interiors have mahogany furniture, wooden floors and shutters and lovely private decks. Outdoor pool, gym, 26-acre garden, private beach and library. Superb locally sourced menu, slick bar with wow-factor chandelier. Romantic, luxurious and chic. See More

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          • Small Hope Bay Andros Island, Bahamas 21 rooms from £406

            Families  -  Kayaking and fishing are popular with children, and for the adults there are plenty of hammocks and shady nooks to read from
            Active Holiday  -  Renowned hotel for scuba diving - with guided trips, numerous spots nearby and plenty of challenges for experiend divers
            All inclusive
            Diving  -  Ask about specialty trips, including blue hole dives and wall dives to 185ft
            Recommended by  -  Fodors

            Ocean front cottages. Colourful rooms feature tropical print fabrics, Andros pine furniture and private patios. Lush gardens, private beach, games room and library. Great Bahamian and international menus, sociable bar lounge. For diving and fishing enthusiasts, this is the one for you. See More

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          • The Cove Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas 600 rooms from £453

            Active Holiday  -  Think of the activity, and here you can probably do it: cinema, casino, tennis, yoga and all watersports
            Families  -  A wide variety of activities for children, including age-relevant kids club, water park and Dolpin Cay
            Kids Club  -  Fully staffed.
            Swimming Pool  -  Indoor/outdoor
            Recommended by  -  Kiwi Collection

            Expansive resort on the beach. Elegant rooms are in creamy shades with sea view balconies and big bathrooms. Outdoor pool, beach access, tennis courts, gym, spa, water park, cinema and casino. Excellent International cuisine, both gourmet and light. With so much to do, perfect for families. See More

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          • Bahama House Bahamas 11 rooms from £468

            Beach Life  -  Located a stone's throw from the sea on a coveted island in The Bahamas, this hotel makes a luxury beach getaway
            Local exploring  -  With easy access into the colourful Dunmore Town, this hotel is in a great location for local exploring
            Romantic Break  -  Couples love this cosy and refined beach lodge, with its grown-up rum bar and chic freshwater pool
            Seaside  -  Ideal for a seaside holiday.
            Recommended by  -  Mr & Mrs Smith

            This luxury beach lodge occupies a heritage property on Harbour Island in The Bahamas. Spacious rooms boast plantation-style interiors, four-poster beds and unique design pieces; book a cottage for separate living space. Unwind by the freshwater pool before drinks at the rum bar; a chic beach stay. See More

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          • The Other Side Eleuthera 6 rooms from £468

            Hideaway  -  The most luxurious and indulgent desert island hideaway, with hardwood floors, plush bedding and plenty of peaceful seclusion
            Sights nearby  -  Head to the nearby Blue Hole, a pool surrounded by jungle which one can jump in and out of with ropes
            Local markets  -  Take a boat to nearby Harbour Island to check out the bars, boutiques and lively atmosphere
            Recommended by  -  Mr & Mrs Smith

            The most glamorous glamping site in the Caribbean. These indulgent tents offer hardwood floors, Berber-style rugs, vintage record players and magnificent four-poster beds. The restaurant is phenomenal and the bar boasts an extraordinary array of drinks! Unwind in Robinson Crusoe style luxury. See More

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          • The Ocean Club Nassau (PARADISE ISLAND) 107 rooms from £1051

            Romantic Break  -  This hotel just nails romance, for a start at 6pm every evening glasses of champagne and starwberries are brought to each room
            Tennis coaching  -  Their in house pro Leo Rolle has been coaching there for 50 years- and there's a reason they have held onto him!
            Fishing  -  Go deep sea fishing on their yacht, cook your catch in the local style and then learn to mix a perfect cocktail
            Total relaxation  -  The Balinese-style spa is wonderful, so is the leafy adults only pool area and the plush rooms

            This Four Season luxury resort is the epitome of Bahamian style. The luxury suites and villas offer louvered hardwood doors and private balconies. The service is truly remarkable, and often friendships are created that draw guests back again and again. The gardens and restaurant are show stoppers. See More

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