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Villa de Leyva

Photo of Villa de Leyva

About Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is a tourist friendly town sitting just North-East of Bogotá. It’s known for its cobbled lanes and colonial buildings. Located in a semi-desert and at a high altitude, the town has seen very little development over the last 400 years, hence why it feels like a time-capsule. The best places to stay in Villa de Leyva are in the centre of town, allowing you to explore at leisure on foot.

Go to see Plaza Mayor, the largest cobbled square in South America, and monuments to the famous independence fighter, Antonio Ricaurte.

Temperatures are fairly consistent year round but try to avoid April-May and September-November unless you don’t mind a bit of rain.

What not to miss:

  1. Plaza Mayor - For the best time to visit this beautiful square try week days as it generally gets crowded on the weekends.

  2. Centro de Investigaciones Paleontologicas - A simple yet significant museum that unearths the history of some of Colombia’s more ancient residents. Great for dinosaur enthusiasts!

  3. Marques de Vila de Leyva - Ever tried Colombian wine? Either way this local vineyard is a must visit. Beautiful surroundings, good food platters and of course, great wine!

  4. Casa Terracota - Visit this fully functional, fully clay house! An entirely unique experience. It should be noted that although the attraction is well reviewed, some visitors think the entry is a bit steep…

And for the best places to stay in Villa de Leyva:

For a central location

  • Hotel Casa Terra has spacious rooms, traditional architecture and a great breakfast! A reasonably priced and relaxed hideaway.

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    Best Hotels in Villa de Leyva

    • Hotel Casa Terra 8 rooms from £65

      Villa de Leyva

      Hotel Casa Terra is located in the historic colonial town of Villa de Leyva. It features spacious rooms decorated in a traditional manner and a fabulous breakfast is served each morning. Relax in the garden with a book or take a leisurely stroll around town. An utterly charming and no-frills stay!

      Sights nearby  -  Check out the Museo del Carmen which is situated in an old monastery and features a range of paintings and religious objects
      Local markets  -  Go visit the bustling farmer's market every Saturday morning in the centre of town
      Great walks  -  Hike around the absolutely stunning Iguaque National Park which is 5 miles away
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