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Photo of Pag Island

About Pag Island

Surrounded by the bright blues of the Adriatic, beyond which you can see the pale, bare cliffs of the mainland, Pag Island is magically barren and beautiful at the same time. This moonscape dotted with sepia coloured villages is home to some of Croatia’s most unexpectedly good wine - considering the soil is so sparse - and the salty cheese the island is probably best known for. It’s not all ancient rural life though, there’s also a club-y town, Zr?e Beach where all the clubs and bars are right on the beach. If you’re here to party then this is one of the best places to stay on Pag Island, but if you’re here to soak up the island’s beauty then you’ll probably find the best places to stay on Pag Island in Pag Town.

  • The Hotel Boskinac is a stunning, 11 room, stone house with wonderful balconies and views and a gourmet seafood restaurant. Extremely romantic, and with its own wine cellars and tasting rooms.

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Best Hotels in Pag Island

  • Hotel Boskinac 11 rooms from $145

    Novalja, Pag Island

    A stunning country house on the beautiful island of Pag. A stone walled house with wonderful balconies and views, a gourmet seafood restaurant, wine cellar, and charming rooms and suites. Very romantic, gourmet, and perfect for exploring the delights of the island. Ideal for couples or weddings.

    Foodies  -  Gourmet restaurant serves innovative modern seafood dishes.
    Wine tasting  -  The hotel has its own wine cellars and wine tasting area.
    Charming  -  An absolutely charming country house in a rural setting.
    On an island  -  Pag is a beautiful island ideal for exploring.
    Recommended by  -  I Escape
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