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About Limassol

Best Hotels in Limassol

  • Amathus Beach Limassol 239 rooms from $194


    Luxury hotel chain flagship with large grounds, top-notch facilities and service, close to archeological sites. Huge rooms, great views, lovely pools, private beach and excellent restaurants.

    Swimming Pool  -  Indoor and Outdoor Pools
    Kids Club  -  Fully staffed.
    Barefoot Luxury  -  For total relaxation.
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  • Londa 68 rooms from $189


    A cool contemporary chic hotel on the coast just outside Limassol. All white rooms and suites are modern in style with huge bath tubs and private balconies. Stunning pool deck over the sea, excellent food, and a luxurious spa. Ideal for a lazy summer holiday.

    Beach Life
    City Style
    Sights nearby  -  Crusader castle at Kolossi.
    Recommended by  -  Mr & Mrs Smith, I Escape
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