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About Ile de Porquerolles

Fringed with powder white sand, blessed with sunshine and the perfumed scent of eucalyptus and pine, Ile de Porquerolles, lying off the Cote d'Azur, is completely idyllic. The perfect place to get away from it all, the island, 4 miles long and 2 miles wide, barely has 200 full-time inhabitants, and boasts a great many secluded crescent-shaped coves and creeks. Indeed, the little island arguably boasts one of France's best beaches - the Plage de Notre Dame - intimate and unspoilt, with no beachside cafes or heaving groups of tourists. A national park and conservation area, the village was only founded in the 19th century, but the Fort St. Agathe, built in the 16th century, attests to a far longer heritage. Whether you're sunbathing at the beach, drinking the local wine or cycling through the hills and meadows, you are bound to be enchanted by this French Riviera idyll. The best places to stay on Ile de Porquerolles offer a magical getaway from the usual bustling crowds of the South of France.

What not to miss

  • Explore the 16th century fort of St. Agathe. There is an archaeological exhibition inside that is well worth admiring.
  • Hire a bicycle and explore the nooks, crannies, coves and hills of the island.
  • Sunbathe on the Plage de Notre Dame.
  • Visit Domaine Perzinsky, the family-run local vineyard.
  • If you're there in the summer, don't miss the jazz festival.

Unspoilt and enchanting, Ile de Porquerolles is the perfect place to go to escape the crowds. Find out more by browsing our list of the best places to stay in Ile de Porquerolles.

The best places to stay in the Ile de Porquerolles

For a village location

  • Villa Sainte Anne is situated close to the port and overlooking the village square. It's a friendly hotel and very popular with families. It is very convenient for sailing trips and deep sea fishing.

Peaceful hideaway

  • Le Mas du Langoustier was built by the original owner, Francois Fournier, and it sits in a glorious position amidst the pines and eucalyptus trees. The well appointed rooms are traditional in style and adorned with antiques. The cuisine is first class, with alfresco dining. There is also an excellent spa.

For an apartment or villa

  • Our partner has a wide range of villas and apartments in the nearby area.

Travel information

  • The best time to go is during the summer months, when the temperature ranges between 13 and 28 degrees.
  • Fly to Hyeres Airport, and get a ferry to Porquerolles, a 20 minute journey.
  • There are no cars on the island, but there is bike hire available.

Still not sure?

Best Hotels in Ile de Porquerolles

  • Villa Sainte Anne 25 rooms from £96

    Ile de Porquerolles

    A short walk from the port, overlooking the village square, is the Villa Sainte Anne. The central location makes this friendly hotel a convenient choice for families and guests of all ages.

    Air conditioning
    Sailing  -  Il de Porquerolles is a great place for sailing.
    Great walks  -  Explore the island's beautiful coastline.
    Fishing  -  Go out deep sea fishing from the harbour.
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  • Le Mas du Langoustier 50 rooms from £132

    Porquerolles, Ile de Porquerolles

    Nestled between pines and eucalyptus trees, Le Mas du Langoustier is a peaceful hideaway with a principally French clientele, excellent cooking and a relaxing atmosphere.

    On the beach  -  There's a semi wild private beach just steps from the main building......just ask for a towel!
    Sights nearby  -  Explore the botanical gardens. There's a half hourly shuttle bus that'll take you to the village or harbour
    Spa  -  A wellness centre offers chromotherapy treatments and a wide range of massages, manicures & facials
    Hideaway  -  True escapism. Pack some good books and not much else.
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