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Best Hotels in Nikko

  • Nikko Guesthouse Sumica 4 rooms from £20

    Nikko (Nikko-city)

    A quaint guesthouse well located within easy access of Nikkō's historical sights. Traditional tatami rooms offer an authentic stay while dormitories come with a very reasonable price tag. A small lounge offers a chance to mingle with other travellers. Ideal for those on a budget.

    Value chic  -  An authentic Japanese property offered at very reasonable prices.
    Sailing  -  Take a cruise on Chuzenji Lake, particularly beautiful when the cherry blossom is out.
    Sights nearby  -  A 20 minute walk to the world heritage shrines and temples of Nikko.
    Great walks  -  Climb the scenic Iroha Slope to Chuzenji Lake.
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  • Nikko Kanaya Hotel 71 rooms from £300

    Nikko (Tochigi)

    Japan's oldest resort. Atmospheric throughout with a charming mix of Japanese and European styles. Spacious rooms are light and airy with large windows, paper lanterns, parquet flooring and beamed ceilings. Housing a number of eateries and an old-fashioned bar. Fabulous.

    Local exploring  -  Located just minites from Nikko's historical temples and shrines.
    Sights nearby  -  Visit the Nikko Toshogu Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    Sailing  -  Take a cruise on the picturesque Chuzenji Lake.
    Swimming Pool  -  Seasonal outdoor pool
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  • Nikko Inn 6 rooms from £78

    Nikko (Tochigi)

    Quaint classically styled cottages set in lush farmland. Traditional and minimalist throughout rooms feature tatami mats, paper screens and roll down futons. Sliding doors open up onto picturesque countryside. Find contemporary touches in the kitchen, bathrooms and mod cons. Rural bliss.

    Hideaway  -  Six cottages set in tranquil countryside just 2 hrs from Tokyo.
    Great walks  -  Walk straight from the property through lush green rice paddies and scenic countryside.
    Local markets  -  Visit the local farmers markets in the surrounding villages.
    Sights nearby  -  Take a walk to the historic Nikko’s Toshogu Shrine.
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  • Hotel Seikoen 26 rooms from £206

    Nikko (Tochigi)

    A traditional Ryokan located next to the famed Toshogu Shrine. Rooms of varying sizes (the largest sleeping 7) are classically dressed; think tatami mats, futon beds and paper screens. Boasting a hot spring bath, restaurant and even karaoke bar this is an ideal base to explore the region from.

    Local exploring  -  A traditional property with access to both historical sights and natural wonders.
    Great walks  -  Embark on the stunning winding route from Nikko to Lake Chuzenji.
    Sights nearby  -  Visit the World Heritage Site of Toshogu Shrine.
    Sailing  -  Take a scenic cruise on Lake Chuzenji.
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