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Ipoh is an elegant city, known for its beautifully fading colonial architecture and elegant design. It's also conveniently located for the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia's picturesque tea country, and the beautiful island of Pulau Pangkor ('Beautiful Island'). The best places to stay in Ipoh occupy some of the city's most charming buildings, but there are also some wonderful spas, and wellbeing centres.

Ipoh is on the west coast of the Malaysian peninsula, and its the country's fourth largest city, grown wealthy and beautiful off the back of a local tin mine in the 19th Century. The city itself has some lovely architecture, including the town hall, the railway station and the courts. There are also some fantastic colonial clubs.

Outside the city you'll find a number of impressive temples, including Sam Poh Tong, Malaysia's largest cave temple, with a huge turtle pond, where locals bring turtles to be released. There's also a hot springs complex nearby, and plenty of opportunities to explore the local jungles and rainforest - and maybe do a spot of rafting.

Then of course there's the Cameron Highlands just up the road. For many visitors to Malaysia the Cameron Highlands are a welcome escape from the heat and humidity! Like other English colonies, early Europeans built charming hill settlements where they could escape the heat, and the Cameron Highlands, with its strawberry farms, tea plantations and temperate climate, is probably the best known. Obviously the first thing to mention is the landscape. This is not the tidy lanes of ye olde anywhere, this is the Malaysian hills, densely covered and cut through by great, white waterfalls, dotted with small towns and the sudden order of a tea plantation. So this makes wonderful countryside for trekkers.

The best places to stay in Ipoh are a varied bunch, but our pick is a gorgeous spa hotel designed to rejuvenate the soul!

For a pampering spa break

  • The Banjaran is one of Malaysia's best spa hotels, specialising in Ayurvedic treatments and Chinese medicines, in beautiful, traditional surroundings. The main point of this hotel is to revitalise you, and that means pampering you, feeding you delicious foods and encouraging you to relax by making all the little private pools and lagoons look so inviting.

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Best Hotels in Ipoh

  • The Banjaran Ipoh from £220

    Wellbeing  -  Chinese medicines and Ayurvedic methods.
    Spa breaks  -  One of the best spa hotels in Malaysia.
    Hideaway  -  Tranquil and intimate.
    Recommended by  -  CN Traveller, Kiwi Collection

    A completely zen hotel and spa designed to rejuvenate mind and soul. Special Chinese medicine, anti-ageing therapies, and an Ayurvedic approach. Plenty of little spa pools, contemporary classic villa-suites on stilts, and of course a very healthy diet! Definitely a choice for the health conscious. See More

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