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Photo of Gdańsk

About Gdańsk

Gda?sk is a proper port city, a place where history has drawn all manner of people and things and set them all to mingle in amongst narrow cobbled streets. The architecture is unlike that of other Polish cities, built by the ship merchants who had seen the best of what the world had to offer. And the parts which survived WWII now have an extra layer of significance and lend the dockside and the Main Town a sort of sad elegance, behind the lively atmosphere of the splendidly rebuilt modern city. You’ll find many of the best places to stay in Gda?sk in the Main Town, which is where the lively bars and cafes, numerous fascinating museums and the amber shops (Gda?sk is the amber capital of the world) are located. But it’s also worth looking round the dockside region if your idea of the best places to stay in Gda?sk includes water views, dockside beer gardens and a maritime theme.

The history of Gda?sk has been tumultuous to say the least. It’s been fought over, mostly by the Germans and the Poles, for hundreds of years and has changed hands several times, including during the 20th century when it was one of the earliest sites of conflict during WWII. Which might be why this city has such a wealth of fascinating museums.

The European Solidarity Centre is one of the highlights, covering Poland’s dramatic post war period, but there’s also an Historical Museum of Gda?sk, an Ethnographic Museum, an Archaeological Museum, a National Maritime Museum, an Amber Museum and a Museum of the Second World War. The museum ship, the SS So?dek is also worth visiting. As is the Artus Court Museum, converted from the carefully reconstructed 14th century grand house. You’re also able to visit the famous Lenin Shipyard, memorable for its place in the dissolution of much of communism in Eastern Europe.

Then there’s the long stretches of sandy beach. Which are one of the reasons Gda?sk is so popular with Poles during the summer months. And the D?ugi Targ or Long Market, which is at the Green Gate end of the famous Long Lane, probably this city’s most famous streets. The Long Market is also where you’ll find the Neptune Fountain. And the churches and cathedrals - Gda?sk has a number of extremely impressive places of worship. And the grand houses belonging to the merchant class. And the glorious gates.....

As well as its own treasures, Gda?sk makes a great starting point for a visit to the Pomeranian or Polish Baltic Coast, or exploring other Polish highlights, or historic sites.

It's a popular city what with the advent of low cost airlines making it very accessible. So if you want to guarantee a room in our pick of the best places to stay in Gdansk, don't leave it till the last minute.

For a chic city break

  • Puro is a trendy boutique hotel in the centre of town with 93 individually designed rooms and lots of natural light. There’s also a chic restaurant and bar which draw a lively young crowd. Perfect for a cool city break.

Still not sure which is the best place to stay in Gda?sk for you? Browse through our list of all the best places to stay in Gda?sk, or contact one of our friendly Gurus for advice.

Best Hotels in Gdańsk

  • Puro 93 rooms from $88

    Gdańsk (Stągiewna 26)

    A trendy boutique hotel in the centre of Gdańsk. Individually designed rooms with lots of natural light, fabulous showers and top of the line furnishings. The chic contemporary restaurant and bar draw a lively young crowd at weekends. A sophisticated and cool city break.

    City Style  -  Chic stylish suites, with state of the art amenities, a cool lobby lounge and an intimate spa right in the centre of the city.
    Local exploring  -  Located in the heart of this vibrant city surrounded by cafes, local shops and beautiful museums.
    Sights nearby  -  The New City Hall, The Nowny Port Lighthouse and St. Mary's Church cannot be missed.
    Local markets  -  Just a few minutes walk from the Long Market.
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