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Photo of Vouzela

About Vouzela

Vouzela is a town in the Viseu district of Central Portugal. It is situated on a hill at the confluence of the rivers Vouga and Zela from where the name derives. This is very much rural Portugal with its vineyards and farms, and it's a particularly good spot for hikers, with a myriad of trails in the surrounding countryside. But there are also sites of historical interest; the thirteenth century church (Santa Maria) and the 18th century Misericordia Church, a Roman bridge and the medieval Acrofa Tower. Also worth visiting is the Cambarinho Botanical reserve with its collection of rare oleanders. The area is slso notable for its local culinary specialities, including Lafoes veal and the delicate pastries which are peculiar to these parts. The best places to stay in Vouzela offer the visitor a charming base to explore off the beaten track Portugal.

For great value

  • Casa de Fatauncos is a lovely eighteenth century mansion set in beautiful countryside just outside Vouzela and offers exceptional value with rooms starting from around £40 per night. There are lots of outdoor activities available and the views from the terrace are amazing!

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Best Hotels in Vouzela

  • Casa de Fatauncos 10 rooms from $57


    A lovely 18th century mansion in the countryside surrounded by luscious mountains and valleys. Traditional elegance throughout; antique furnishings, stone floors, paintings. Green gardens, large pool, and lots to do in the surrounding nature. A great choice for a lazy family holiday.

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