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Photo of Pontevedra

About Pontevedra

Pontevedra is both an important city - for its history, art and cuisine, and the name of the province surrounding the city. The province is known for its natural beauty: think rolling green hills and mountains, lined by picturesque estuaries and beaches, and the city for its well preserved historic centre. Both are worth visiting, but it means that sometimes the best places to stay in Pontevedra (the province), aren't actually within Pontevedra (the city).

In the 16th Century, Pontevedra was the largest city, and port in Galicia - this is where Columbus' Santa Maria was built. Today many of the beautiful historic buildings built during Pontevedra's heyday still stand strong and proud within the maze of lanes and plazas of the old town.

As well as grand Gothic basilicas, two picturesque bridges, wonderful, Portuguese-built churches and palaces, a truly wonderful farmer's market and an eclectic little museum spread throughout five beautiful buildings, Pontevedra has an impressive range when it comes to charming little cafes and bars.

A perfect city for travellers with an historic or cultural bent to explore on foot, Pontevedra is also thought of as a great place to stay if you want to stay somewhere lively while exploring the beautiful Rias Baixas coastline.

For the beach

  • Quinta de san Amaro is a charming, 14 room hotel in the outskirts of Pontevedra, but offering beautiful views over the valley, and just ten minutes from the beaches at Rias Baixas. The decor is elegant and the Galician food is outstanding, come of it grown in the orchards which surround the hotel. Great for a romantic escape.

For country house splendour

  • Pazo la Buzaca is a beautiful Galician manor house set amongst rolling green hills and with expansive views of the countryside all around. It has 13 traditional rooms, and an excellent restaurant.

Still not sure which is the best place to stay in Pontevedra for you? Browse through our list of all the best places to stay in Pontevedra, or contact one of our friendly Gurus for advice. Alternatively you can widen the net and check out all our recommendations in Galicia.

Best Hotels in Pontevedra

  • Pazo la Buzaca 13 rooms

    Pontevedra, Galicia

    A beautiful Galician manor house with a long family tradition. Set in the rolling hills, it has beautiful views over sprawling greenery. Romantic chic bedrooms, traditional in style, with attractive bedrooms and balconies. Excellent restaurant, gardens, pool, and lots to do in the countryside.

    Country Escape
    Swimming Pool  -  Indoor/outdoor
    Remote  -  Off the beaten track.
    Romantic  -  Good for couples.
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  • Quinta de san Amaro 14 rooms from £79

    Pontevedra (Meano)

    A delightful hotel in the countryside of Pontevedra. Elegant rooms feature wooden floors, valley views and frescoes. An outdoor pool, cosy library, and a fragrant fruit tree garden. Outstanding Galician cuisine. Quiet, chic, gourmet. Great for a romantic escape.

    Beach Life  -  Rias Baixas beaches are ten minutes away, plenty of sailing, diving, fishing and island hopping opportunities
    Foodies  -  Much-lauded hotel restaurant serves gourmet Galician market food; wine tours of the region
    Sights nearby  -  Sanxenxo, Cambados, Vigo, Pontevedra
    Views  -  Salnes Valley
    Recommended by  -  Sawdays
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