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Boca Grande

Photo of Boca Grande

About Boca Grande

Boca Grande is a small community on Gasparilla Island, Southwest Florida, known for its beautiful white, sandy beaches and bright blue ocean, its historic downtown and its world class fishing. It’s also known for its slow pace of life - the most common vehicle here is a golf cart… The best places to stay in Boca Grande are those with the best sea views - and there are certainly plenty of beautiful views to chose from. The island’s first hotel, the Gasparilla Inn, was built in 1911 and is still open today, offering wonderful retro charm which definitely makes it one of the best places to stay in Boca Grande!

  • The Gasparilla Inn and Club is a historic Floridian charmer, a collection of rooms and cottages decorated with retro luxury in pastel colours, with sea views, a spa, beach club, fine dining restaurant and great fishing.

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Best Hotels in Boca Grande

  • Gasparilla Inn and Club 66 rooms from $325

    Boca Grande

    Retro classic Floridian charm on a grand scale in an historic hotel designed to make you feel at home. Rooms and cottages decorated with pastel colours, wood detailing, and a nautical element bring the seaside small-town feel of Boca Grande indoors. Spa, beach club, sports club, fine dining, fishing

    Fishing  -  Boca Grande has long been known as "the tarpon fishing capital of the world."
    Spa  -  Massages, Body Treatments, and a full venue of fitness classes are offered.
    Sailing  -  The resort has its own marina.
    Seaside  -  Ideal for a seaside holiday.
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