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Photo of Garberville

About Garberville

Garberville is surrounded by redwood forests - it’s just south of the entrance to the Avenue of the Giants, a 30 mile stretch of scenic highway along which grow some of the world’s tallest and most impressive trees. You don’t have to hike long out of Garberville to reach a redwood grove. And you’re just four hours drive from San Francisco. There’s not too much to do here, but there is a colourful community of about 50% hippies and 50% old loggers. The best places to stay in Garberville borrow from the peace and majesty of the redwood forests and are great places to come to escape.

For a country Inn

  • The Benbow Inn is a beautiful country inn in Benbow, which is surrounded by forests of redwoods. As well as having a pool, jacuzzi and sports courts, the Benbow Inn also offers complimentary bike hire. And it’s surrounded by wonderful walking trails.

Still not sure which is the best place to stay in Garberville for you? Browse through our list of all the best places to stay in Garberville, widen the net to include all our California recommendations, or contact one of our friendly Gurus for advice.

Best Hotels in Garberville

  • Benbow Inn 55 rooms from $200


    A beautiful country inn located in a rural area, offering the ideal Californian Redwood retreat. Sports courts, nearby hiking routes, complimentary bicycles, pool, jacuzzi, and playground. Just a short drive from San Francisco and Wine Country. Excellent for an active family weekend getaway.

    Sights nearby  -  Redwood river and forests. Around half an hour's drive from the Avenue of the Giants
    Secluded setting  -  For escaping.
    Back to Nature
    Local markets  -  Good for local colour.
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