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Photo of Lanai

About Lanai

Lanai has one of Hawaii’s best beaches, a golden yellow arch of sand fringed with palms, and surrounding a magical marine reserve. Lanai City is the only city on the island and there’s just one airport too, so there’s not too many options when it comes to choosing the best places to stay on Lana’i, but our Guru’s recommendation for the best place is a great option for both families and couples.

What Not To Miss

  • You’re just a short stroll from an archaeological site and from Manele Harbour, which is a great place to start a sailing or fishing excursion - though the fishing can’t start until you’re well out of the marine reserve.
  • They also have a dive school, but you can see a great deal with just a snorkel.
  • Kick back and relax on the beach - with it's golden sand and clear water - it's ideal for paddling, snorkeling and seeing some of the local fish.
  • The Lanai Cat Sanctuary is great for animal lovers with hundreds of friendly cats in a large sunny sanctuary - perfect for something a bit different this holiday.
  • Alternatively, pay a visit to the Mike Carroll Gallery featuring numerous works of art from award-winning artists. The collections are diverse with everything from fine art photography to bowls crafted from local wood.

Our selection of the best places to stay in Lanai allow visitors to make the most this charming piece of paradise.

The best places to stay in Lanai

For a superb location

  • The Hotel Lanai has just 11 comfortable, but private rooms in a great location in the centre of Lana’i City and the prefect spot for exploring all the island has to offer.

For an apartment or cottage

  • If you'd prefer a self-catering option this holiday - don't hesitate to visit our online partner Booking.com for a selection of properties ideal for making the most of Lanai.

Travel Information

  • Fly to Lanai Airport located 4.5km (2.8 miles) from Lanai with flights to other destinations within Hawaii including Honolulu.
  • Alternatively, catch a ferry to Lanai on the Maui-Lanai ferry with five daily round trips.
  • If you want to rent a car to explore the delightful island - for prices visit our online partner Rentalcars
  • Best time to visit - the summer from June to September for the warmest weather.

Still not sure?

Best Hotels in Lanai

  • Hotel Lanai 11 rooms from £115

    Lanai City

    Historical landmark on Lanai Island offers comfort, prime location and privacy. Rooms are spacious and contemporary. Lana'i City Grille is renowned on the island and offers family-style sharing plates. From Hotel Lanai explore by land or by sea, a truly great spot and place to escape to for a break.

    Outstanding location
    Diving  -  Scuba diving in such clear waters is a real must for fans of the ocean and sea world.
    Fishing  -  Deep sea fishing out of Manele Harbour and along the coastline.
    Sailing  -  Triology Sunset sail for a romantic memory on the sea.
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