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Haggerstone Island

Photo of Haggerstone Island

About Haggerstone Island

About 600kms north of Cairns, just across from isolated Cape York, Haggerstone Island is a secluded retreat offering a once in a lifetime experience of island paradise privacy. You’re not far from the Great Barrier Reef if you want to explore the area, and the diving is incredible, but you’re totally cut off, so you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. There’s not much choice when it comes to the best places to stay in Haggerstone Island, there are only four huts, made of local timber, and surrounded by tropical gardens. There are also dams and an orchard, which help provide the food you’ll eat during your stay.

  • Haggerstone Island is the ultimate barefoot luxury resort, with just four beach huts on the island, and all the food grown, caught, farmed and prepared right here for your sole enjoyment.

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    Haggerstone Island

    Roy and Anna Turner have spent twenty years creating the ultimate barefoot luxury resort. There are four huts built with local materials set along the beach of this stunning island, and all food is grown or caught on the island, and freshly prepared. A once in a lifetime experience.

    Diving  -  1840s shipwreck nearby
    Barefoot Luxury  -  For total relaxation.
    Outstanding location
    Full of character
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