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Just across from isolated Cape York near the northern tip of Queensland sits Haggerstone Island. A vast 600kms from Cairns, this verdant little island is a fabulous destination for nature lovers, honeymooners and travellers who dream of unwinding in total tranquility. Whether you’re eager to delve into crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef or to soak up the sunshine on the beach, the best place to stay on Haggerstone Island promises a blissful escape in a very special part of Australia.

Choose from one of five understated lodges, set within leafy gardens and inspired by Papua New Guinean and African design elements. Stroll through fruit-filled orchards and thriving kitchen gardens, speaking to the team about their strong sustainable practices. Much of the produce used in the resort’s cuisine is grown and harvested on the island itself. Fresh seafood, too, is caught as and when it is needed — and guests are invited to join in spear fishing or deep sea excursions.

Swim, snorkel and dive in waters which teem with marine life. Marvel at the remains of the 19th-century shipwreck, go kayaking and paddle boarding, or take jet skis to zip around the island. Return to the shores for for sandy strolls and dinners under the stars. Perfect for peaceful honeymoons or group trips for up to ten friends, the best place to stay in Haggerstone Island awaits.

The Best Place to Stay on Haggerstone Island

For Barefoot Luxury

  • Haggerstone Island offers a collection of five gorgeous villas surrounded by leafy vegetation. Inspired by Papua New Guinean and African design, this beautiful hideaway had been lovingly created by owners Roy and Anna Turner. With a strong sustainable ethos, this indulgent escape promises a once-in-a-lifetime barefoot luxury experience.


  • If you'd prefer a self-catering option, we suggest that you visit our online partner Booking.com.

Travel Information

  • Fly to Cairns Airport from destinations across Australia and further afield, before hopping aboard a charter flight to Haggerstone Island, 600km to the north of the city.
  • Queensland is great for a road trip! Contact our online partner Rentalcars if you would like to hire a car.
  • The year is broadly divided into two parts: the warm, dry season — from April to September — and the hot, wet season, between October and March. Visit during the warm, dry season if you can.



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  • Haggerstone Island Haggerstone Island from £650

    Fishing  -  Keen anglers will delight in catching fresh fare, which can then be cooked by the team to create mouth-watering dishes
    Eco break  -  A beautiful eco-escape with simple, sustainably-minded design & a strong ethos of only harvesting what food is needed
    Snorkelling  -  Snorkel at beautiful sites, spotting Green Turtles, Manta Rays & myriad fish in the tranquil clear wateres
    Honeymoons  -  A collection of five romantic villas on a tiny island, perfect for secluded honeymoons
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    Roy and Anna Turner have spent twenty years creating the ultimate barefoot luxury resort. There are four huts built with local materials set along the beach of this stunning island, and all food is grown or caught on the island, and freshly prepared. A once in a lifetime experience. See More

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