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Photo of Vannes

About Vannes

If you’re just here for a few days the best places to stay in Vannes are right in the old part of town. But if you’re staying for a bit longer and want to use it as a base for exploring the Golfe du Morbihan and the Brittany coast then it’s worth expanding your search for the best places to stay in Vannes into the surrounding countryside.

Vannes is a true Brittany beauty with a wonderful old medieval centre and port - and lovely cobbled alleyways running between them and old fortifications surrounding them. As well as beauty, this little city has a lot of life to it, with a good collection of bars and restaurants and a busy marina.

Vannes is a lovely centre for just strolling around. There are boutiques, pottery shops, little galleries and cafes, creperies, bars and restaurants. Being by the sea the seafood is excellent, but it doesn’t stop there, Vannes offers a fine representation of Brittany’s best cuisine.

Vannes also has a lovely little museum opposite the cathedral.

As with many coastal spots in France, the best places to stay in Vannes are busy during the peak summer months. So get organised and plan well ahead, or else come in the quieter months when you'll have the pretty town to yourself!

For a spa hotel

  • The Villa Kerasy is a gorgeous spa hotel with an East Indian theme and an Ayurvedic spa and cookery lessons. And all the time you’re right in the heart of Vannes.

For a family B&B by the sea

  • Le Parc er Greo is a comfortable, family-run B&B on the coast, just outside Vannes, with 13 reasonably priced rooms, a pool and spa and excellent access to all the charms of the Brittany coastline.

Still not sure which is the best place to stay in Vannes for you?

Best Hotels in Vannes

  • Le Parc er Greo 13 rooms from $110

    Vannes (Brittany)

    A very comfortable family-run B&B on the coast with a great swimming pool, spa facilities and terrace. Ideal for families or those on a budget who want to explore the surrounding islands and coastline of Brittany.

    Swimming Pool  -  Lovely Outdoor Pool
    Sailing  -  Can be booked nearby.
    Recommended by  -  Sawdays
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  • Villa Kerasy 13 rooms from $152

    Vannes (Brittany)

    Gorgeous spa hotel themed to transport you to the shores of East coast India. Ayurvedic cookery lessons, Ayurvedic spa treatments, and 'ohm shanti ohm' style rooms take you to Ceylon, Pondicherry or even Canton. Ideal for spa breaks and local exploring.

    Spa breaks
    Spa  -  Wide range of Ayurvedic treatments on offer
    Sights nearby  -  Right in the centre of Vannes.
    Recommended by  -  Sawdays
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