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Photo of Taroudant

About Taroudant

Taroudant - or Taroudannt - is often described as a mini-Marrakech, because of its bustling and historic medina, souqs and beautiful red-mud buildings. And it does share the capital's vibrancy. But describing only this city's trading centre misses out the beauty of the location, on the plains of the fertile Souss Valley, behind which the Atlas Mountains rise. Taroudant can be a wonderful place to escape to, and some of the best places to stay in Taroudant really reflect the area's beauty, as well as that of the city.

While Marrakech's medina can quickly overwhelm the unseasoned, Taroudant's is a much friendlier affair, somewhere you can stroll through, and both souqs are the same.

The city's old 16th and 17th Century gates, along with the red-mud walls surrounding the old town - which change colour depending on the time of day, are one of the great sights of Taroudant. A large colony of white storks live by the gates. And the place is also rife with pigeons, who've provided a great source of food during times of siege.

Taroudant is also an ideal base for trekkers and hikers heading up into the High Atlas, and it's quite close to Agadir on the coast. You can also get better value for your Moroccan handicrafts here than in Marrakech or Essaouira.

The best places to stay in Taroudant need not be crammed into the centre of town. Indeed our pick is on the outskirts, where you can really appreciate the beauty of the area.

  • La Gazelle d'Or is a hunting lodge turned luxurious, antique-filled hotel on the outskirts of town. Surrounded by exotic gardens and beyond that views of the Atlas Mountains, La Gazelle d'Or is a wonderful escape, while still being close to the ancient walled city. In addition to the views and the peace, there's also a spa and hammam to help you feel relaxed and pampered. Elegant and traditional the 30 suites and pavilions are spread throughout the grounds.

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Best Hotels in Taroudant

  • La Gazelle d'Or 30 rooms from $503


    Luxurious hunting lodge turned hotel on the outskirts of Taroudant. Set amid extensive exotic gardens with superb views of the Atlas Mountains. Swimming pool and spa with traditional hammam. Beautifully kitted out suites and pavilions. Come here for pampering and serenity

    Sights nearby  -  The ancient walled city of Taroudant
    Swimming Pool  -  Outdoor pool
    Local markets  -  Good for local colour.
    Kids Club  -  Fully staffed.
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