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About Cádiz

Now in its fourth millennia, Cádiz is thought to be the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in Europe, and it's an excellent choice for people who appreciate their sun and sand seeped in history. The old heart of town is almost completely surrounded by water now, and the Atlantic crashes gustily at the crumbling sea wall. But there's plenty of energy in the locals, who're known for their ironic Carnival and their cheerful flamenco songs. Our Guru’s recommendations for the best places to stay in Cádiz offer beach access but something else besides. If your idea of the best places to stay in Cádiz have a maximum budget attached then we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what’s on offer.

Cádiz really does have everything. The beaches are relatively small, but there are much larger ones just along the coastline, the old town is a wonderful jumble of streets and alleys ripe for exploring and treasure hunting, and there are monuments a plenty and an enticing food culture involving a lot of seafood and outdoor dining. Cádiz has the wonderful fortifications of a Spanish colonial city, and the eroding sea walls - built after Sir Francis Drake’s sacking in 1596 - create a romantic atmosphere of gradual change that often inspires us to seize the moment.

Cádiz is fairly easy to get around. it’s not large, but if you do want to get out of the old town and explore the new town and its larger beaches, then there’s an easy to use bus service which is probably a safer bet than negotiating the roads.

Some of the highlights as far as sight seeing goes are the old cathedral with its wonderful North Tower and the Roman theatre just behind it, the Archaeological Museum, the grand Oratorio de San Felipe Neri, which is where the first Spanish Constitution was signed and the Torre Tavira, which is a tower by the market which has a ‘camera obscura’ and incredible views.

Don't forget that this is an incredibly popular destination. So if you want to be sure of a room in one of the best places to stay in Cadiz, get organised and book well ahead.

  • The Hotel Argantonio is perfect for history buffs. The decor feels more like Havana than Andalucia, but that's part of the pleasure, with Moroccan hand-carved arches and terracotta colours, and each room reflects a different part of the city's impressive history. You’re also close to the beach, while still being in the heart of town.

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Best Hotels in Cádiz

  • Hotel Argantonio 15 rooms from $137


    Renovated and tranquil hotel in Mozarabic style, full of character. Andaluz, rustic or colonial styled rooms with terracotta hues, Moroccan-style hand-carved arches and wooden beams. Fantastic traditional buffet style breakfasts. Close to the beach and ideal for local exploring.

    City Style  -  A charming hotel in the heart of the city, featuring an uniquely eclectic and interesting decor style rich in history.
    Great walks  -  A great way to see Cádiz are the theatrical guided tours, full of fun and information.
    Sailing  -  If you have a week to spare there are fantastic sailing courses in the local harbour.
    Fishing  -  For all those angelers, the hotel will happily arrange deep sea fishing trips.
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